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How to Add Extensions to Your Account

Use the extensions self-provisioning feature to add extensions to your account.

Extensions Self-provisioning Feature

AVOXI's online portal allows you to quickly add extensions to help you expand your VoIP business phone system as your business grows.

How to Self-provision Your Extensions

Log in to the AVOXI Online Portal. From the navigation menu, select "Extensions."

AVOXI Core Navigation

From the "My Extensions" window, click on the "Add Extensions" button in the lower left corner. The page opens to show two sections--one to let you add the number of extensions you need and the other to show you an order summary.

Add Extensions

Choose the number of new extensions you want and select the type of licenses you need (desktop or mobile). The Order Summary displays to the right.

If you do not wish to receive softphone licenses with your order, please contact your AVOXI Account Manager as this feature only allows extensions with an associated softphone.

Select the configurations for your new extensions: name your agents and assign them an (optional) outbound caller ID and/or call group. Once complete, click the "Next" button in the lower right corner.

New Extensions

The "Extension Configuration Credentials" shows the extension number, agent name, and associated credentials. Click the "Next" button in the lower right corner.

Extension Configuration

The "Order Completed" window opens and allows you to enter email addresses for users if you wish those agents to receive email instructions from the system on how to configure their extensions. Otherwise, you receive the agents' credentials in your email and will need to distribute the credentials to each agent.

Order Completed

Click "Finish," and just like that, you added new extensions to your account.

Configuring Softphones for Your New Extensions

You will receive an email titled "AVOXI - Softphone Credentials" after you complete your order. The email contains:

  • Purchase summary
  • Instructions for how to install and configure your Bria Stretto softphone client(s)
  • Your Bria Stretto SIP credentials for each extension
  • Your Online Portal credentials for each extension

Step 1: Download the Bria Stretto client.

Download the Bria Stretto client for your desktop computer using the appropriate link below. Please make sure to download only one license per computer.

Windows Version: http://www.counterpath.com/Stretto_windows.html

Mac Version: http://www.counterpath.com/Stretto_mac.html

Step 2: Install the Bria Stretto client.

Install the downloaded softphone client and open the application. When the login prompt appears, enter the credentials provided in the confirmation email to activate and automatically configure your new softphone.

Step 3: Log into the AVOXI Online Portal.

Use the Online Portal credentials provided in the confirmation email to access the Online Portal and configure additional feature for your new extensions.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact support through the portal, chat, or support@avoxi.com.

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