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How to Manage Multiple
Numbers Using Bulk Updates

Update and manage features and call forwarding rules for selected numbers

Use Bulk Updates to Manage Numbers

Select multiple phone numbers by clicking on the selection box next to the phone numbers you want to edit in bulk as shown below.

Once you select the numbers you want to manage, then click on the “Bulk Update” button and select the appropriate bulk update action.

Manage Features in Bulk

Turn system features on and off for your selected phone lines by using the "Manage Features" section for bulk updates. To turn on or off features for multiple numbers at the same time, select the phone lines you want to manage. Next, click on the “Bulk Update” button and click on “Manage Features”.

Bulk Updates Features

Turn any of the features below on or off and "Apply."

Add Forwarding Rules to Multiple Phone Lines at the Same Time

Bulk Updates Forwarding RulesTo add forwarding rules to multiple phone lines in bulk updates, go to the home screen and select the phone lines you want to apply new call forwarding rule(s) to. Next, click on the “Bulk Update” button. Then, click on “Change Call Forwarding.”

A new screen appears with a list of the numbers you wish to change. Review the listed phone lines and click on the “+Add Call Forwarding” button to apply your new forwarding rule(s). To delete phone lines from this list, click on the ‘X’ to deselect the line in case you selected the wrong phone line from the home screen. See the Call Forwarding section to learn how to add forwarding rules.

Bulk Updates Call Forwarding

Important Note: Any new forwarding rule(s) created through the bulk update feature deactivates existing rules. However, if you would like to delete old forwarding rules, make sure to click on the “Check to remove previously created rules” box as shown above.

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