How to Set Up Call Tracking

Learn how to track inbound phone calls from online and offline sources.

How to Use Call Tracking

The AVOXI Core Call Tracking feature allows you to see your phone calls as conversions in Google Analytics. Add tracking to your international toll free and local phone numbers to gain valuable insights into your online marketing efforts and results.

Step 1: Create a Call Tracking Campaign

Log into the AVOXI Core Online Portal and click on the Call Tracking icon in the main menu.

On the Call Tracking screen, click Add Campaign. Enter your campaign name and the Google Analytics tracking ID for the website or landing page that you wish to track in the popup window that appears. Click Add, and your campaign will populate on the Call Tracking page.




To add call tracking to a specific number, click on any number listed beneath the heading labeled Call Tracking. Choose the correct campaign from the dropdown list and select Update.


Map Campaigns to Phone Numbers


All calls made to this number will now be associated with the campaign you selected.

Step 2: Create Goals in Google Analytics

Goals allow you to track measurable events as conversions in Google Analytics. To create a goal, navigate to the Admin panel in your Google Analytics account, and select Goals.


Google Analytics Admin Menu


Under goal setup, choose custom. Name the goal something you will recognize, like Advertising or AdWords.

Next, choose the event conditions that will trigger your goal. AVOXI sends call information to Google Analytics as an Inbound Call, so the category must be equal to Inbound Call.

The event label must be exactly what you named your campaign in AVOXI Core. Copy and paste the campaign name to ensure that it is entered correctly.


Google Analytics Goal Setup

Step 3: Import Google Analytics Goals into Google AdWords

If you have a Google AdWords account, you will want to be able to track inbound phone calls as conversions in AdWords. In order to do this, you need to import the goals you created in Google Analytics into Google AdWords.

To import your goals in Google AdWords, visit: Tools > Conversion > Conversion Actions > Google Analytics in your AdWords account.

Under the Analytics tab, you will see the goals that are available to be imported to AdWords. Click on the goals you would like to import and click the Continue button. Once you are done, select the Import Goal button.

Please note that the goals will not show up in AdWords immediately. It usually takes 2 - 5 days after the goals have started completing before you have the option to import them.

After you import your goals, go back to your AdWords account and click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner. Select Account Settings, and then click Preferences. Confirm that auto-tagging is enabled.


Google AdWords - Auto Tagging Option


Your inbound calls will now be reported in Google Analytics and AdWords as conversions.

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