How to Set Up Voicemail

Learn to customize your voicemail settings in the AVOXI Core Online Portal.

Customizing Your Voicemail Settings

Easily access and download voicemail messages from your AVOXI Core Portal. Configure your voicemail settings, including voicemail to email and voicemail prompts.

AVOXI Core Voicemail Menu

To access your voicemail messages for a particular number or extension, click on Voicemail Tab. This is accessible from any individual number or extension view if enabled.

You will see all voicemail messages on the main voicemail screen. Click any of the voicemails to Download to your computer or local storage device.

Voicemail SettingsConfiguring Voicemail Settings

Customize the voicemail and voicemail to email settings for any number or extension from the AVOXI Core Portal.

  • From the settings window, you can edit your password, choose your voicemail prompt, and configure voicemail to email settings.

Note: Your AVOXI Core Customer Service representative can upload custom voicemail greetings for you. The standard voicemail greeting is available by default.

  • If you wish to receive instant voicemail notifications in your email inbox, add the correct address to the Email Address field.

Click Save to confirm your settings.


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