How to Create Queue Reports

Learn how to create queue reports using Smart Queue.

Create Queue Reports to Track Performance of Agent Groups

Queue reports are a great tool for tracking the performance of specific groups of agents. Smart Queue automatically tracks a wide range of queue-level performance data, including total calls answered, average call length, average hold time, and more.

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You can also download the guide on how to create queue reports and save it to your computer for future use.

Log into Smart Queue. On the Home Screen, select the Queue that you would like to analyze. Then, select the time range you would like to view under Quick Activity Reports.

create queue reports 1

Smart Queue will automatically generate your Queue Report. You will see that there are several views to choose from, including answered calls, unanswered calls, calls by agent, etc.

create queue reports 2

To the right of each report view, there is a Details tab. For example, the Agents view is followed by the Ag. Dt. view, as shown below.

The Details tab provides additional insight into the activity of your selected Queue, including individual call records.

create queue reports 3

Smart Queue allows you to export the data provided in your Queue reports as an Excel file, a CSV file, or a XML file.

To export your data, simply scroll to the bottom of the desired report and click on the image of the file type you wish to export.

create queue reports 4

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