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408 Error

Why Am I Getting a 408 Error On My Softphone?

Certain users may receive a 408 request timeout error when registering their softphones. If you receive this error message, there are a few things you should check.

What type of softphone are you using?

This error is common for free soft phones, such as X-lite and Zoiper. If you are using either of these phones, you may want to consider upgrading your softphone. We recommend Counterpath products such as the Bria 4 or Bria Stretto. You can purchase or rent these from AVOXI or through Counterpath directly.

Have you registered the softphone correctly?

If the softphone you are using is anything other than a Bria Stretto, you will want to make sure that you have registered it correctly using the instructions here. Also, make sure there are no spaces after any of your login credentials. Spaces are considered characters, and can cause problems with registration.

Is your softphone set for the appropriate codecs?

Make sure your phone is set for the appropriate codecs. Go into your settings, find the Audio Codecs section, and make sure that your phone is set for G.729. If your phone does not support G.729, then G.711 uLaw will work as well. If your phone does not support either of these codecs, it will not work with our service.

Are your firewall settings correct?

A computer’s firewall may cause interference between the softphone and our servers. Check your firewall settings to make sure that the softphone is not being blocked. If this is not an issue, try turning your firewall off and registering your softphone again.

Do you have enough bandwidth to support the softphone?

A 408 error may also be caused by connectivity issues. To test this, use an online speed test. If you have high latency or jitter, reach out to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for additional support.

Many ISPs do not automatically allow SIP or access to the ports necessary to allow traffic to and from our servers. Always let your ISP know that you will have SIP traffic to avoid any problems.

Still having problems?

If you weren’t able to resolve the 408 error with the troubleshooting steps above, please contact us with your speed test results. Our support team will be able to help you resolve the issue.

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