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Bria Stretto License Key

Why Does My Bria Stretto Say It Needs a License Key?

Occasionally, there will be a problem with the password on a Bria Stretto. When this happens, you will get an error message that says that the softphone requires a license key.

If you are trying to log in to your Bria Stretto client and you receive this error, this means that the machine that your Stretto is running on does not have the appropriate root certificate. This means that it can not reach the provisioning server, and can not get the license for your softphone.

This is not a problem with your Stretto license; it is an issue with the way that Windows obtains the root certificate.

To fix this problem, click here while using an Internet Explorer browser. This will prompt Windows to obtain the correct root certificate and allow you to log in to your Bria Stretto.

Note: You must be using Internet Explorer when you click this link. No other browser will work.

If you still have problems logging into your Bria Stretto, please contact our Customer Support team.

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