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How to Register Your Softphone

Learn how to register your Bria Stretto softphone.

Registering Your Bria Stretto Softphone

To register your softphone, just follow these quick steps.

Looking at the face of your Bria softphone, select Softphone. Then, select Account Settings from the dropdown menu.

register your softphone 1

If this is your first time registering your Bria softphone, you will be taken to the Account Settingspanel for your first account.

If you have already registered before, you will see the following count selection screen. Simply click on the account you wish to edit and click the Edit button, as shown below. You will be taken to Account Settings.

register your softphone

In the Account Settings screen, enter the login credentials provided by AVOXI. These will be provided in a separate email.

To ensure that you enter the correct credentials, we recommend that you copy and paste all credentials from the email directly into the Account Settings panel.

register your softphone 3

When you have successfully entered your credentials, click OK. You will be taken back to the Account Selection screen. Make sure that the box next to your new account is checked, and click the Apply button. Click OK again to finalize your changes.

register your softphone 4

On the Home Screen of your Bria softphone, ensure that your status is labeled as Available (see image below).

register your softphone 5

Now you are ready to make calls. We recommend that you test your softphone by dialing a number that you know, such as a personal cell phone number.

Remember: you must dial all numbers using E.164 format. This means that you must include the country code followed by the number. 

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