Time of Day Routing

Enhance communication efforts and ensure all calls are tended to by utilizing the AVOXI Genius time of day call routing feature.


Time-Based Call Routing

Time of day call routing is an AVOXI Genius call forwarding feature that ensures incoming calls get routed to the right agent, team, or voicemail based on the time of the call. Whether you own a small business with multiple locations or a large business handling high demand, time-based routing is a great feature to use.

Customize call forwarding rules based on your agents’ schedules, manage calls from different time zones, and even route calls outside of business hours to pre-set voicemails.


Set Rules Based on Agent Schedules

Forward phone calls based on the the times each agent and/or call group is set to active. Set active times by hour, day, week, and month.


Manage Calls from Different Time Zones

If you have multiple offices in different time zones, you can customize your number rules to route calls based on business hours within those zones.


Send Out of Hours Calls to Voicemail

If there is a window of time where no agents are able to answer calls or its out of business hours, set a rule to send all calls to a voicemail.


How to Set Up Time of Day Routing

Navigate to the Numbers section in your Genius dashboard--this is where you’ll set your forwarding rules. Select the number you’d like to edit, then navigate to Forwarding. Either add a new rule or edit an existing rule. Edit the Time Zone and Active Times to the appropriate times.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an added cost to use time of day routing?

No. Time of day call routing is an included feature in all Genius licenses.

How long does it take to set up time based call routing?

Once your Genius license is activated (usually within 24 hours), you can immediately customize queue callback, call queues, routing rules, and more instantly and at any time.

What else can AVOXI do for my business?

In addition to providing the best time-based call routing for business, popular services from AVOXI include our cloud-based PBX and virtual business numbers in 160+ countries. 

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