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Who Can Benefit from a VoIP Gateway Solution?

A VoIP gateway is the interface responsible for converting calls that are sent over VoIP into data that can be accepted by a public switched telephone network (PSTN). The main functions of a gateway include voice and fax compression/decompression, packetization, call routing, and call signaling. In order to implement one of these into your business, you must already have an existing PBX installed. So, can your company advantage from a VoIP gateway solution?

There are a few factors to consider when selecting a VoIP gateway. When switching over to this kind of technology, skimping on security is not an option. Look into protection options such as Session Border Controller, which acts like a firewall for VoIP by controlling the media streams that could pose a potential threat to security. Also, different gateways have different special features, so make sure you research all the possibilities a gateway can offer. Some include network-management systems, billing systems, and even interfaces to external controllers.

You might wondering, “What exactly does this solution solve, and why would I even need to consider this for my business?” Great question. Essentially, this device converts all calls into digital packets, and vice versa, between the traditional PSTN and an IP network in real time. By performing tasks such as voice compression, call routing and control signaling, a gateway allows the data infrastructure to handle voice and other applications. Without a suitable gateway, people on a VoIP network cannot make or receive calls to and from outsiders using traditional phone lines.

How does it work? The solution consists of running VoIP through an integrated access device (IAD), which is installed on your premise between your router and PBX. Once the IAD is installed, it will allow you to keep your present PBX and phone configurations. When the gateway, IAD and PBX work together with your router, Ethernet HUB and internet connection, you will be able to maintain seamless calls on multiple lines. Together, this technology will enhance your call quality unlike any other technology.

Ideally, a company would benefit extremely from this solution if they are a larger and growing business. If a company is looking to cut costs, this system would be an easy way to save money. Your long-distance charges will be reduced through IP telephony and since there is no need for PSTN lines, your money will go directly back into your savings.

Gateways are a reliable technology that comes with an array of benefits and is certainly a glimpse into the call center future. To learn more about VoIP gateways, visit our blog or sign up for a free consultation.