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SERVICE with AVOXI. We serve call centers worldwide including Africa,
The Philippines, Europe, and all of the Americas.

We provide international toll free
calling and local numbers in
OVER 100

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Here's what our customers from around the world have to say about AVOXI.

  • “My husband and I run a small international sales business.  Missing any sales call is critical but with an international clientele it was important our clients could reach us from any part of the world. AVOXI provided us with a cost effective International and US toll free number that does just that.  We have had no problems with the calls, call quality or service for over four years.  You cannot say that about many companies. We are so pleased with the service that we received that when we needed another US Toll Free number for our new business we went right back to AVOXI.  We look forward to a continued seamless business relationship.”
    Lori Pellegrin Cross the Border Realty Services
  • “Highly recommended product for any international business! Makes your business truly without borders!! The superior technology used by AVOXI  also ensures peace of mind that your business is reachable any day, any time!”
    Jonathan Dalli Head of Marketing at eManagement Ltd.
  • “I had ‘AVOXI Click-to-Call’ added to my website.  My clients find it very convenient and useful. Every client that used this feature so far – I converted into a sale or rental. This product is HIGHLY recommended.”
    Shana Coetzee
  • “What’s truly impressive is they have true 24/7 technical support.  Many occasions I’ve needed support on the weekends or after hours and the problem was sorted out immediately.”
    Preyan Moodley IT Manager at Ker & Downey
  • “The toll-free numbers helped us give a strong call to action on our website.  They give us a local presence in the US, UK and all the English-speaking countries we’ve been targeting as well as the European countries,  giving us a competitive advantage as if we are in the local market.”
    Ross Bowers Marketing Manager at Rhino Africa Safaris
  • “When we were approached by AVOXI for [ITFS for] multiple different locations, including the UK, China, etc., they were actually able to provision those in many instances in 7-14 days, which in my business is a huge improvement not only for us as an organization but also for our clients so they can get their operation up and running.”
    Customer Ethics Hotline Industry