Caribbean Airlines Finds Contact Center Paradise with AVOXI’s Global Communications Platform

Caribbean Airlines has seen a vast improvement in its client experience after implementing AVOXI. Discover their success in modernizing their phone system and operational efficiencies across their Trinidad and Tobago call center from one centralized platform. 


Caribbean Airlines relies on AVOXI’s global communications software to effectively manage their inbound reservations, connecting their North American and Canadian customers with agents in their Trinidad and Tobago call center. The airline also utilizes AVOXI’s extensive international coverage to better connect with customers in multiple countries around the world. 

Caribbean Airlines has partnered with AVOXI to evolve their communications from legacy, premise-based, hardwired solutions to modern cloud services for nearly 15 years.  Since the start of their relationship in 2008, AVOXI has helped optimize operations by reducing the need for specialized technical teams to maintain and manage legacy infrastructure.  AVOXI’s cloud-based platform enables scalability and flexibility for their team. 

With an expanded feature set, modern communications tools and the call center operating hardware free, Caribbean Airlines has been able to improve customer service while increasing overall productivity. 

“AVOXI was able to improve our business in many areas,” says Ricky Singh, Sr. Manager Telecommunications. “We’ve found a true partner we can grow with as our communication needs evolve. Their experience and proven track record have proved superior compared to other providers.”

Problems to Solve for Caribbean Airlines

Caribbean Airlines delivers 600+ flights each week to destinations in the Caribbean, North and South America. Their inbound and outbound international calls were outpacing the performance their on-premise system could handle, and the team was bogged down by the administrative costs of legacy systems and infrastructure. 

Caribbean Airlines was looking for a path to the cloud, a way to start to modernize their customer experience. When their existing on-prem system started to have a negative effect on the profitability of the company – both directly via the various legacy hardware maintenance costs, and indirectly due to the manual work needed to upkeep and maintain the infrastructure – they knew it was time for a change. 

The AVOXI Solution

Caribbean Airlines’ seamless reservation experience starts with a reliable communication solution. For Ricky Singh, Sr. Manager Telecommunications, that called for a modern contact center solution that could deliver a reliable yet simple infrastructure, with intuitive functionality and excellent support. The AVOXI solution delivered across these key areas: 

  • Reliable Contact Center Software. AVOXI’s contact center software’s consistent uptime and network reliability empower Caribbean Airlines to carry out and deliver its inbound and outbound international calls with total peace of mind. Due to its secure infrastructure and exceptional voice quality, Caribbean Airlines has migrated two on-premise systems over AVOXI’s cloud-based platform, increasing call quality and giving confidence in their agent team.
  • Advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR):  A true growth partner, the Caribbean Airlines leadership team has been able to work closely with AVOXI to integrate software features that best fit their business. With a tailored flight status IVR, they were able to reduce costs, automate processes, and free up agent time for more reservations.
  • Increased Agent Efficiency. Caribbean Airlines has seen quick improvements in its call center performance since partnering with AVOXI 10 years ago. Having more confidence in their new system, agents are able to increase performance and provide a high level of customer experience without the fear of dropped calls and poor quality.
  • Improved Customer Contact Management. Caribbean Airlines counts on AVOXI’s high-quality voice delivery and intelligent routing services to manage their international operations. Encompassing a wide range of local services configured on a centralized platform and coupled with least-cost routing services, AVOXI’s in-country services and 20+ years of experience provide them with unmatched global coverage and quality. 

“Building a path with AVOXI to modernize our infrastructure has been a key aspect of our customer service strategy at Caribbean. We have reduced the total cost of ownership while improving our overall client experience,” notes Mr. Singh. “The AVOXI cloud call center platform has allowed us to recognize many efficiencies in our 10 years of working together that help our bottom line."


AVOXI’s long-standing reputation and expertise in the airline industry have provided broad and reliable voice coverage to hundreds of companies with global inbound and outbound communications. AVOXI’s intuitive cloud-based software has assisted in Caribbean Airlines’ achievement of a modern, productive, and efficiently run call center through optimized routing and agent productivity to support their growing call needs and reduce total cost of ownership.  

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