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International Toll Free Numbers for Singapore

Toll free numbers continue to be a popular tool for businesses all over the world. Singapore toll free numbers are no different. This phone number gives your company a local presence and allows customers in Singapore to call you toll free. This is essential for acquiring new business and also for creating long-term relationships with your existing customers.

To manage your Singapore toll free number, AVOXI offers a cloud-based control panel. With easy-to-use Online Portal, you can manage your Singapore virtual phone number and its settings from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Choose where you forward your calls and change the settings of your features from this convenient web-based management panel.

Who Can Call My Singaporian Toll Free Number? - Accessibility


Singapore toll free numbers, like all other toll free numbers, come with their own set of accessibility rules. These phone numbers can be dialed by most mobile networks in Singapore, but callers should check with their carriers beforehand to be sure. Singtel is the only carrier that allows these numbers to be called completely toll free. As for calling from hotels, most have a surcharge fee of $2.50 that is applied.

Local DID Numbers Available in Singaporian Cities

Local virtual numbers (DID or DDI Numbers) are available in these cities in Singapore

What Kind of Number Do You Need?

ITFS, UIFN and DID Numbers are different ways for people in Singapore to call you. Which one is best for you?

International Toll Free Number types available in Singapore

Calling and Doing Business in Singapore

Singapore is often referred to as “the easiest place to do business”. This is due, in part, to being an extremely “technology-ready” country. For this reason, and many others, companies are flocking to this area to do business.

With a Singapore toll free number, you don’t have to physically be located in the country to partake in business there. This international toll free phone number helps you establish a local presence there, allowing locals to call you with ease.


Singapore is known for its trade based market economy and is often referred to as having one of the most open markets in the world. Its main exports are electronics, chemicals and a variety of services including wealth management.

There are a number of large cities in Singapore that function as business centers such as Changi, Tampines, Sengkang and Punnggol. If you’re looking to establish your company in these areas, a Singapore toll free number could be the solution you’re looking for.

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