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Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual Phone Numbers

Connect with customers anywhere in the world with virtual phone numbers.

Reach More Customers with a Virtual Phone Number

A virtual phone number is a telephone number accessible through all standard global telephony networks including mobile and landline connectivity. The numbers are virtual because they leverage VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to transmit the calls seamlessly and affordably around the world.

Virtual phone numbers help you build and support business anywhere in the world. With toll free and local phone numbers from more countries than anyone in the industry, AVOXI is your business source for international toll free numbers, local phone numbers, and universal international freephone numbers (UIFN).

International Toll Free Numbers

International toll free numbers are individual, country-specific numbers available from more than 100 countries.

Local Phone Numbers

With local phone numbers from AVOXI, you can establish a local presence in markets where you may not have a physical office branch or location.

UIFN Numbers

Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN) can be dialed from multiple countries. And like international toll free numbers, they are free to call for your customers.

Managing Your Virtual Phone Number

More than a number—every virtual phone number from AVOXI comes with a feature-rich cloud PBX called AVOXI Core. That means that you get the functionality of a hosted business phone system with your international toll free, local, or UIFN phone number. Get access to essential features, like call forwarding, voicemail, virtual attendant, call recording, time of day routing, call reports and daily logs and more.

Quick and easy to set up, the service for your AVOXI number works with your existing phone system or as a stand-alone phone system. In fact, AVOXI is one of the few virtual number providers proven to operate with your existing phone system of any model or as a stand alone cloud-based system. The AVOXI Core online portal gives you additional flexibility and control to setup numbers, add and remove users, enhance connectivity options like SIP trunks, forward your numbers for primary and disaster recovery services, update virtual attendant settings and review call recordings.

Easy to Manage User Interface

AVOXI provides a seamless user interface with all number purchases. This interface allows customers to control their number routing and feature settings. Additionally, it provides one place to manage multiple virtual attendant and forwarding settings. The interface contains easy bill payment and trouble ticket submission from your computer or mobile device.

Flexibility Meets Reliability

With direct interconnects and relationships with Tier 1 carriers around the world, AVOXI delivers high quality business VoIP service globally. That’s why over 5,000 businesses worldwide trust AVOXI. We offer our customers the best in toll free number reliability and failover provisions, including fully redundant call routing and 24/7 fraud monitoring for secure VoIP traffic.

An AVOXI virtual number works as a standalone cloud communications service or as an added service to your existing phone platform. It’s easy to test and implement new virtual numbers without disrupting or updating your end user or corporate infrastructure. Have an on premise PBX? Using a hybrid solution from Mitel or ShoreTel? AVOXI bridges your on premise or hybrid phone system to an expanded cloud-based international presence through easy call forwarding to a specific number or IP address. You gain the benefits from providing your prospects and customers an easy, familiar format to engage with your business.

How does it work as a standalone? Use your computer or laptop with a headset and good Internet connection—you’re all set. No hardware required.

Get the Right Virtual Phone Number for Your Business

No matter what size or type of business you’re running, you need a virtual phone number for prospects and clients to reach you. But if you’ve already started looking for a virtual phone number for business, you know that there are many options to choose from.

The type of number—international toll free, domestic toll free, shared cost, and others—makes the selection decision a challenge. Coverage and restrictions apply based on the type of virtual number and the originating call and terminating call geographies.

AVOXI’s 16+ years of experience ensures that we can help you determine the best virtual number options for your particular business. Talk to an AVOXI VoIP specialist today. Find out which type of virtual number is right for you.

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