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Number Portability

Phone number porting lets you keep your business phone numbers when you switch to AVOXI.

Phone number porting lets you keep your business phone numbers when you switch to AVOXI.

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Keeping Your Numbers When You Change Providers

Whether it’s used for sales, support, or customer service, your phone number is an extension of your business. Depending on the size and nature of your business, your most loyal customers may even have your number listed in their phone’s contacts.

When you change providers, you want to be able to transfer your phone number, too. Local and toll free number portability
allows you to do just that.

4 Tips to Porting Your Toll Free and Local Phone Numbers

Toll free and local number portability is a service that allows businesses to transfer numbers to a different provider at any time. If you are ready to port your number to AVOXI, follow these guidelines:


1. Evaluate your existing contract.

Your provider may charge fees for early termination, or you may have an outstanding balance that you need to pay before the number porting process can be initiated.

2. Don’t cancel service with your existing provider before starting services with AVOXI.

It is important to continue service with your existing provider until the numbers have been transferred. AVOXI cannot transfer disconnected numbers.

3. Find out how long the number transfer process will take before you begin.

The duration of the number porting process may vary depending on your current provider and the type of number you wish to transfer.

4. Remove any special features associated with your phone numbers.

Your existing provider won’t transfer phone numbers that have special features activated. Before you initiate the number transfer process, ensure that special features, like call forwarding or call groups, are turned off.

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