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Global SIP Trunk Service

Reduce business call costs by up to 50% with SIP trunking solutions from AVOXI


Upgrade Your Communications System with SIP Trunks from AVOXI

SIP trunking solutions from AVOXI let you upgrade your outdated wireline service and keep your existing PBX. By connecting your existing phone service to the cloud, SIP trunks save your business money and unlock a range of business-class calling features.

SIP trunks route local and long-distance calls through the cloud, saving your business up to 50% on communications costs.

What is SIP Trunking?

A SIP trunk performs the same function as a wireline (analog) phone line or channel on the Primary Rate Interface (PRI). The difference is that SIP trunks are virtual phone lines. These replace analog phone connections and connect your existing data circuits (E1, T1, etc.) to the Internet.

PRI stands for Primary Rate Interface. PRI was once the standard for providing businesses with reliable telecommunications services. A cost-effective solution for both local and international calling, SIP trunking has become the new standard for business communications.

SIP trunks also allow you to simplify your communications. If you’re using the PRI for your business phone service, you have a separate network for voice and data. With a SIP trunk, all communications route through the same network. Your voice data is simply added as another IP application, which is prioritized to ensure the very best call quality.

The result? Your business saves up to 50% on communications costs, and you protect the investment you made in your existing phone system.

SIP Trunking Solutions - Diagram

SIP Trunking vs PRI

Not sure if your business is ready to leave the PRI behind and upgrade to SIP communications? See why so many companies have already made the switch:


With the PRI, long-distance minutes are charged at an additional fee. Plus, these minutes are charged at a rate much higher than those routed over the Internet. Many SIP providers offer unlimited local and long-distance minutes.

Hardware & Equipment

Traditional, PRI-based phone systems require expensive hardware and a physical, wireline connection for every phone. With SIP, your connection is virtual. You can use your existing desk phones or softphone applications to make and receive high quality calls.


With the PRI, your business pays costly fees for the installation of new phone lines and hardware. With SIP trunking, your business can add and remove team members without paying for additional software or hardware.

Bandwidth Usage

Traditional wirelines force your business to separate voice and data traffic, which means you’re probably paying for bandwidth you don’t need. SIP trunks let you combine voice and data on the same network and make the most of your bandwidth.


If you’re using the PRI, your business is stuck with a limited set of features, many of which are charged as separate line items. With SIP trunking, you can customize your unique feature set, provided by your PBX.

Disaster Recovery

Traditional wireline communications must be diverted to an alternate location in the case of an outage. This can be expensive and complex. SIP communications allow you to easily re-route calls to pre-defined numbers in the event of power loss.

SIP Trunking in Action

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Calculating Your SIP Trunking Needs

Many businesses use their existing PRI configuration as a baseline for calculating SIP trunk needs. Others use an approximation of one trunk for every three employees.

But, neither of these methods will help you determine how many SIP trunks your business really needs. PRI circuits come in groups of 23. If you simply duplicate your current configuration, you may end up with more SIP trunks than you truly need. And “one trunk for every three employees” is an estimation based on the average business, not your company’s unique communications needs.

To calculate your business’s true SIP trunk needs, all you have to do is find out how many concurrent (simultaneous) calls your business makes or receives at peak hours. Then, multiply the total number of concurrent calls by 20% to provide a buffer and make sure that your callers never hear a busy signal.

Remember: you’re cutting communications costs by up to 50% by upgrading to a SIP trunk solution. Even with a few extra SIP trunks, your business will still experience significant cost savings over the PRI.

Why Choose AVOXI for SIP Trunking?

AVOXI is a single solution SIP trunk provider, which means that your local and international calls are routed over our secure and fully redundant network. Supported by 7 data centers around the world, our network has no single point of failure and 99.9% uptime.

If an issue does arise with your SIP phone service, your business doesn’t have to go through multiple vendors to solve the problem. AVOXI manages your SIP trunks and the connection to our secure network.

AVOXI’s Customer Support team is available by phone, email, and live chat 24/5. Technical Support is available 24/7. Our knowledgeable support representatives are always ready to provide you with expert guidance and solutions.

How much could your business save with SIP trunk services?

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