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Brazil 4040 National Numbers – Now Offered By AVOXI

Get a Brazil 4040 National Number and start receiving calls from the top 13 business cities in Brazil. By using a 4040 National Number, your company can receive calls from any phone in Brazil. Your customers are only charged for a local call, and your company saves money. Unlike 0800 toll... »
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The Top 4 Call Center Performance Drivers

Which Performance driver is most important to your call center? Well, it depends on your organization’s goals and the priorities that you’ve established for the Call Center. Performance drivers fall into four distinct categories: Customer satisfaction Employee satisfaction Efficiency Revenue generation Customer Satisfaction Some Call Centers are excellent at understanding what makes customers happy, but not all... »
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How Quickly Can You Convert to Cloud VOIP?

Deployment of voice over IP (VOIP) can be quick and easy, especially when your VOIP service is in the cloud.  For most implementations, you can be live in a matter of days. Before you implement cloud-based VOIP for your business there are a few considerations you must first address.  Switching... »
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8 Security Measures You Need For VoIP

Voice over IP or VOIP allows for full-featured telephone services over the internet, thus providing lower costs, greater numbers of services, and hosted operations (in the cloud). However, this type of operation pushes many of the security requirements formerly handled by a company and its telco to a VOIP... »
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What Makes a Great Call Center?

  An great call center is guaranteed to make your customers and employees happy. So, how does your call center measure up? A Great Call Center: Concentrates on its business goals Answers phone calls and e-emails quickly Resolves most, if not all, customer questions on the first contact Works efficiently Ensures that agents need to do little follow-up on the customer... »
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