Comment5 telephony features your business needs to be using

5 VoIP Telephony Features Your Business Needs to Be Using

Whether your business already has a VoIP phone system or you’re in the market for one, you’re probably wondering which calling features you should invest in. That’s a legitimate concern. With 20+ features available, it can be difficult choosing the features that are best for your business. In this... »
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Commenthow do south africa toll free numbers work?

How Do South Africa Toll Free Numbers Work?

With the amount of Toll Free numbers on the market, our customers can often have confusion about the capabilities and the restrictions associated with a specific number. We completely understand. Capabilities and restrictions vary country by country and it can sometimes be hard to differentiate between them. To help clear... »
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Commentwhat is a virtual phone number

What Is a Virtual Phone Number?

Early phones relied on wires spanning across the globe and phone numbers dependent on your physical location. While this continues to be true, modern technology now allows for wire-free communication and virtual phone numbers that can work almost anywhere in the world. In this article we’ll explore what a... »
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