IVR Auto Attendant vs Phone Operator: Which is Right For Your Business?

For any business, good customer service is key. Good customer service stems from a great customer experience and this experience is influenced by the way they’re greeted and treated on the phone. VoIP technology now offers features, like an IVR Auto Attendant, that can now give your customers a... »
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Commenthow does time of day routing work.

How Does Time of Day Routing Work?

VoIP continues to revolutionize the way that our customers communicate around the world. As this technology grows, so does its capabilities and in turn, the features that make VoIP so flexible. Time of Day Routing is one feature in particular that exemplifies the power of VoIP. To ensure that our... »
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Commenthow are outbound calls delivered on voip

How Are Outbound Calls Delivered on VoIP?

A large percentage of our customers utilize our VoIP services for inbound calls. But our VoIP telephony service can also be utilized for outbound calls. Our customers often wonder, "how are outbound calls delivered on VoIP?” We’ve written this article to answer that question and explain the 4 ways... »
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