CommentA Checklist for Setting up a Business VoIP System

A Checklist for Setting up a Business VoIP System

Business VoIP systems have become increasingly popular among companies as the power of Cloud technology expands. A lot of our customers are first time VoIP users so we often walk them through the important steps needed to set up their system. We know a lot of other businesses need guidance as well... »
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Commentdisaster preparedness for your call center

Disaster Preparedness for your Call Center

A good disaster plan is essential for the longevity of your call center. Without one, you’re susceptible to a number of a scenarios that could bring down your entire business. A majority of call centers operate long hours and sometimes 24 hours a day so downtime must be avoided at all... »
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Commentcreate a successful company culture for your call center

Create a Successful Company Culture for your Call Center

A strong company culture is essential in any business. This type of culture equates to a strong company, one where employees are happy and customers benefit from that positivity. Call centers are no different. But each business is distinct and because of that, the culture you should instill can vary.... »
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