Commenthow to use call recording to improve customer satisfaction

How to Use Call Recording to Improve Customer Service

A primary concern for any business is the effectiveness of their customer service. Good customer service equates to happy customers and that typically means that your business is thriving.  There are many things a business can do to improve their customer service and as of recently, many businesses are beginning... »
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How To Reach Customers Without a Local Number

Virtual phone numbers are becoming increasingly popular as businesses begin to take their companies global. These types of phone numbers give businesses an efficient and cost-effective way for their customers to contact them. Local phone numbers, in particular, are extremely popular because it gives a business the appearance of... »
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Commenthow much do canada toll free numbers cost

How Much Do Canada Toll Free Numbers Cost?

How Much do Canada toll free numbers cost?  When businesses are shopping for new toll free numbers, cost is often at the forefront of their mind. This is totally understandable. The cost of an item dramatically impacts your buying decisions. Luckily, toll free numbers are an extremely cost-effective tool... »
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