CommentWhat is a CDR?

What is a CDR?

When a customer has questions about their monthly bill, we often point them to their CDR. However, for our new customers, the jargon we use can sometimes be confusing. We definitely understand! For those new to VoIP, there can often be a learning curve. But we’re here to help.... »
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CommentHow Your Calls Are Billed

How Your Calls Are Billed

How Your Calls Are Billed When customers get their first bill from a phone company, there can often be confusion about particular charges associated with their phone calls. We totally understand! The way calls are charged are different for every company. To help clear up any... »
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Commenthow a cloud pbx system can benefit your multilingual business

A Cloud PBX System Can Benefit Your Multilingual Business

Cloud PBX System For businesses with multilingual employees catering to a wide variety of customers, it can sometimes be difficult trying to match up callers with the correct recipient. You want to make sure you’re giving your customers the best customer service possible. That means making sure their calls... »
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