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International Toll Free Numbers for Argentina

An Argentina toll free number is an important tool for businesses looking to communicate more easily with their customers. These types of virtual phone numbers are free for your customers to call and thus, are helpful in cementing long-term relationships with clients and acquiring new ones as well.

Managing your Argentina toll free number is easy with AVOXI’s web-based control panel. With the AVOXI Core Online Portal, you can work remotely by forwarding your calls to the phone of your choosing, even an IP or cell phone. AVOXI’s wide range of calling features, like voicemail to email and time of day routing, ensure that you never miss out on a business opportunity.

Who Can Call My Argentinian Toll Free Number? - Accessibility


Argentina toll free numbers have a lot of functionality. These toll free numbers can be called from all mobile networks without any additional fees when callers in Argentina call this number. They’re also accessible from payphones without coins or cards.

Local DID Numbers Available in Argentinian Cities

Local virtual numbers (DID or DDI Numbers) are available in these cities in Argentina

What Kind of Number Do You Need?

ITFS, UIFN and DID Numbers are different ways for people in Argentina to call you. Which one is best for you?

International Toll Free Number types available in Argentina

Calling and Doing Business in Argentina

Argentina is a very popular tourism stop in South America. Its beautiful landscape and cultural heritage are reasons why travelers flock to the country. From vineyards to waterfalls or glaciers, Argentina’s wide-ranging weather offers many different sites to see.

If you’re looking to do business or acquire customers in this beautiful country, you don’t actually need to be there. An Argentina Toll Free number can help you establish your company in that country and it gives your current and potential customers an easy way to do business with you.

Argentina toll free numbers fall under the category of International Toll Free numbers (ITFS) and because of this, are formatted in a similar way. This format helps communicate to your audience that this number is free for them to call.


Argentina’s largest economic driver is manufacturing. Under this umbrella is processed food production, pharmaceuticals, farm machinery and refinery products. There are several large cities which are considered business centers in Argentina including Buenos Aires, Cordoba, La Plata, Mar Del Plata and Mendoza.

Residents in Argentina utilize several lines of communication when calling a business. Landlines, mobile phones and payphone are all used in this country and because of this, Toll Free numbers can help your company better communicate with this audience.

The capital and largest city of Argentina is Buenos Aires. It’s located at 34°36’S 58°23’W. Northern Argentina is known for its warm weather, being hot and humid in the summer and experiencing mild winters. Southern Argentina, on the other hand, can experience cold winters and snowfall.

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