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Build Intelligent Call Flows Faster

Global IVR Software

Easily configure your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and contact center call flows on phone numbers from 150+ countries from AVOXI’s single, intelligent and user-friendly platform. Get your callers to the best matched agents so you can always deliver the best customer experience.


Contact Center IVR That's Easy to Build

Build, manage and test cloud-based call flows, including fully featured IVR systems and call forwarding to specific destinations, with AVOXI’s Flow Builder. Its visual click-to-configure interface and preloaded widgets simplify even the most complex flows so you don’t need technical support to set it up. 

  • Route your contact center callers to groups, queues, users, voicemail or external phone numbers. 
  • Create as many custom greetings and menus as you require. 
  • Use advanced analytics to make it easy to measure the impact of your IVR on your call metrics.

The bottom line? You can save yourself days of work by easily building complex call flows in a matter of minutes.


Build IVRs with
Intelligent Routing

Deliver a unified customer experience globally with intelligent call routing. Create seamless routing layered across your global call centers to initially route customers. Then, route your calls based on your preferred criteria like preferred agent teams, time of day and call volume - even percentage-based and failover routing. AVOXI can be configured to route to all major contact center solutions, whether you have one or several across your global footprint.


Simplify Complex
Call Flows

Creating call flows, especially those with nested IVRs, can be time-consuming and complicated. Use Flow Builder to augment or enhance your library of complex call flows. You can easily visualize your flows to check dependencies and ensure your configurations are correct before publishing.

affordable voip minutes

Update IVRs

When your IVR needs to change on the fly, do it quickly and seamlessly. You can conveniently edit existing flows in draft mode without impacting the live flow. Then, easily save, publish, add and delete call flows at any time. You can even test and experience your call flow just as your callers would before you put it into action.

Setting Up Your Cloud-Based IVR is Easy and Affordable

Our cloud IVR software is simple to set up using our Flow Builder tool and is included with each phone number.

Language Selection Demo Flow
Unlimited Menus

Set up as many IVR menus as your business needs, with options to route to users, numbers, groups, queues, or other IVRs.

Personalized Greetings

Setup cloud IVR with custom greetings that suits your business and directs callers based on their needs.

Custom Routing

Combine IVR and ACD (automated routing) to offer your callers the most efficient experience possible.

Analytics and Dashboards

Custom dispositions and advanced analytics make it easy to measure the impact of IVR on your call metrics (only available after purchasing user licenses).

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