Call Insights Dashboard

Call Insights

Voice quality analytics designed
to support your customer experience.


Quality conversation is the foundation of every business, and nothing gets under a customer’s skin quicker than a choppy support or sales call. With Call Insights, you can instantly identify and quickly resolve quality of service (QoS) issues like jitter, packet loss, and poor Mean Opinion Score (MOS) before they interfere with your operations.

Call Quality Dashboard

Proactively monitor and review critical quality performance metrics for every call. From the intuitive dashboard, drill down into the call details of your onsite and remote teams with a variety of easy-to-use filtering options. You can even find and listen to call recordings (if enabled). Quickly find and address any threats to call quality to consistently deliver top-notch CX.


Time-Saving Reports

View MOS, jitter and packet loss from a single dashboard, and schedule reports to easily monitor call quality. You can even use the “Top Ten Poorest Performing” snapshot to see actionable documentation for numbers, users, and SIP sources, conveniently ranked by MOS from worst to best.

Quick & Easy Resolutions

Speed up time to resolution with the ability to open a case with our 24/7/365 experts, directly from your dashboard. No need to provide any extra documentation or legwork to resolve the call quality issue on the ticket.


The Hidden Gem of Your
Customer Experience Toolkit

With greater insight into call quality, you can monitor and reduce call downtime, lags or jitter, providing an overall better customer experience and boosting your business’s success.

Sneak Peek Demo

Call Insights Dashboards

Watch this 4-minute demo for a brief look at how leading brands like yours are easily identifying and resolving call quality issues.

Take Control of Your Voice Performance

Add Call Insights to your new number with our intuitive cloud-based platform today. With three pricing plans to choose from, it’s easy to find the Call Insights package best suited for your company’s call volume.

Basic $10/month

1,000 calls included

$0.0100 / additional call

Standard $100/month

50,000 calls included

$0.0050 / additional call

Advanced $500/month

500,000 calls included

$0.0025 / additional call

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Understanding How AVOXI Measures Call Quality

The Mean Opinion Score (MOS) is a commonly-used metric to measure the overall voice call quality for decades. A MOS score of 4.0 or higher is generally considered to be a good quality call. If MOS is 3.5 or below, look at which of the input metrics is most impacting the score for recommendations on how to address it.

Packet Loss-01

What is Packet Loss?

Occurs when one or more packets of data traveling across a computer network fail to reach their destination.


What is Jitter?

Related to the variation in the delay of the delivery of packets, causing some packets to arrive out of order.