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How Much Does Call Forwarding Cost?

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Call Forwarding is essential for businesses constantly on the go. Never miss a call with this must have calling feature. AVOXI addresses call forwarding cost.

With companies on-the-go like never before, features like call forwarding keep you connected to business no matter where you are.

Call forwarding is a calling feature that allows you to redirect or divert a phone call to another platform. For example, you can take calls that your office line receives and redirect them to ring to your mobile phone. This is an especially useful feature for individuals who spend a great deal of time out of the office.

Customer service is number one. You don’t want to send customers to voicemail simply because you’re away from your desk. With call forwarding, you’ll never miss their call.

Call forwarding is priced differently depending on what type of telephony service you use.

  • Most phone carriers don’t charge for the call forwarding feature specifically. Instead they charge you airtime for each call that you forward to another number.

    • Keep in mind, some carriers don’t allow for international forwarding of calls.

  • With VoIP providers, call forwarding is just one of many features you can access through their cloud service. Like mobile phone carriers, a majority of VoIP providers offer the call forwarding feature for free and then charge you per minute to forward the call. The cost per minute depends on where your call originates and terminates.

    • With a cloud service, if you’re forwarding your call to VoIP, there is no terminating fee. You just pay an originating fee depending on where the call came from. On average, this costs a few cents per minute.

    • If you’re forwarding a call to a mobile or landline, you pay for both the originating and terminating fee based on those locations.

    • A cloud-based phone service is a good option for companies that work internationally.

Call forwarding allows you to take business with you anywhere you go. Keep customers at your number one priority by investing in this essential call feature.