We Reject "Because It's Always Been This Way"

We're a team of innovators, disruptors, and problem-solvers dedicated to redefining the way businesses communicate across the world. Our international cloud platform is a result of our commitment to changing how voice gets delivered, built from the ground up to tackle the intricacies of international voice and multinational companies.

Our Solution

Our solution emphasizes agility and quality as non-negotiable elements for businesses operating globally, while reaching their customers locally. That's why we've developed the market's most extensive premium voice coverage. Design and operate a network that's truly built for managing global voice traffic. And provide customer support that's world class - not just by communications industry standards, but service that stands out the best amongst enterprise providers.


Our Software

But we don't stop there. At AVOXI, we believe getting to the cloud is just Step Zero. Our software is infused with advanced analytics and machine learning, giving unparalleled insights into your voice usage and performance, and we can resolve issues before they become real problems. This means you can make informed decisions, optimize your operations, and deliver exceptional experiences to your customers.


Our Mission

Keep Global Businesses Connected

through the power of communications.

Our Values



We only commit to things we will do... and then we do them with excellence.



We fight for our customers. Because when we fight together, we win together.



Good news fast, bad news faster. We want to communicate quickly. We want all the brains we have working with the best set of information.



We think and move quickly. We are leading in a race to disrupt the voice market. The service we provide to our customers is urgent to them.