About Us

Our Mission

Keep Global Businesses Connected

Our mission is to keep global businesses connected through the power of communications.


It is not just important for our service to work once, it must continue to work at a high quality level for our clients. What we do must be sustainable and resilient. 


We bring customers to businesses across the street and around the world.


We only serve businesses. We do not serve individuals or consumers.


We connect businesses to their customers for service, support and sales.
We deliver meaningful and valuable conversations for our clients every day.


Our Vision

Simplify global communications to enrich customer experiences

Our vision is to simplify global communications to enrich customer experiences with intelligence and insights.



Global voice communication is complex. We simplify that for our customers with technology coupled with our expertise.


We operate purposefully around the world. We chose global because that is where we can best make a disruptive impact in the marketplace.


We lead in cloud voice services. This cornerstone offering is the most valuable channel to our target clients.

Enrich customer experiences

We strive to not only deliver high quality voice services, but to take conversations and wrap intelligence around each conversation to make it better.

Our Values


Good news fast, bad news faster. We want to communicate quickly. We want all the brains we have working with the best set of information.


We fight for our customers. Because when we fight together, we win together.


We only commit to things we will do… and then we do them with excellence. 


We think and move quickly. We are leading in a race to disrupt the voice market. The service we provide to our customers is urgent to them. 

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