New Feature: Salesforce Call Integration


As a call center manager, you know that every incoming and outgoing phone call is a crucial piece of your business’s success. Call center software helps you manage, record, and track these points of contact.

But if all of that important call data is not integrated with your CRM, you’re not seeing a complete picture of each agent-caller interaction. Your agents can log the data manually in your CRM, but that’s time that they should really be spending on the phone with other customers and prospects.

To enhance your agent’s productivity and your call tracking efforts, you need to be able to integrate your call center software with your CRM.

Introducing Salesforce Call Integration

Salesforce Call Integration, now available with Smart Queue, helps call center managers bring their call center software and their CRM together. This essential feature syncs both inbound and outbound calls to Salesforce. All call details, including call recordings, are automatically mapped to the appropriate lead, contact, or account record, making it easy for call center managers to see the latest calls at a glance.

Salesforce Call Integration Benefits

Salesforce Call Integration marries the advanced call management functionality of Smart Queue, AVOXI’s virtual call center software, and the customer relationship management (CRM) tools offered by Salesforce. This powerful combination helps increase agent productivity, enhance reporting capabilities, and streamline call center operations.

Increase Agent Productivity

Every second of your agents’ time is valuable. With Salesforce Call Integration, your agents can spend more of their time on the phone, and less time logging calls in Salesforce.

Enhance Reporting Capabilities

When a call is made or received, Salesforce Call Integration automatically creates a task in Salesforce. These tasks can be easily measured and tracked using Salesforce’s custom reporting module, providing key insights into your call center’s operations.

Streamline Call Center Operations

With Salesforce Call Integration, you can find all call information in one central location. There is no need to log into Smart Queue to listen to call recordings or try to piece together account activity.

Enhance Call Center Operations with Salesforce Call Integration

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Call Recording Compliance for Credit Card Data

The recordings and storage of credit card data may put organizations at risk and out of compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). As such, Call Recording/Call Storage is not appropriate for agents/employees taking credit card information over the phone and retaining recordings of those interactions. For all AVOXI solutions, use *6 to disengage the recording feature for inbound calls and *8 for outbound calls when taking credit card information over the phone.