Business SMS Platform

Business SMS Service (US & Canada)

Enable SMS forwarding with your virtual numbers and humanize your business with more personalized customer interactions. Global SMS coming soon, currently only available for US & Canada.

Instantly forward SMS messages to your email

Conveniently respond to your business texts from anywhere

Easily works with your existing phone system or call center software

Includes voice, call recording, IVR, business reporting and much more

Activate virtual SMS numbers online with no setup fees or contracts

Try any business SMS plan from AVOXI risk-free!

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Your Business SMS Platform

SMS forwarding enables companies to receive incoming texts from their customers in email format. Set up SMS forwarding to any email address and easily respond to your customers from any device. Your email responses are automatically converted into SMS format and delivered to your customer's device, creating a seamless customer experience that delivers intelligent, personalized text interactions. SMS forwarding is customer-initiated. The ability to initiate outbound business texts will be added to AVOXI's SMS platform in the near future!

SMS Made Simple, Effective, and Affordable

Integrate your voice and text messaging features into one virtual number and manage your communications from an intuitive online interface. Our SMS platform seamlessly works over the top of your existing phone system.

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What Customers Are Saying About AVOXI

Enjoy the Business Benefits of SMS Forwarding

There's a reason why small businesses and global corporations alike are adding SMS forwarding to their communication strategy.

Improve Interactions

Let your customers interact with your business over the medium they prefer while reducing strain on your teams with lower call volumes.

Increase Productivity

SMS increases engagement rates and allows your sales and support teams to easily respond to your consumers from anywhere.

Save Time

Integrate your voice and SMS platform into one virtual number and manage your communications from one easy-to-use online interface.

Business Features Included with Your SMS Number

When it comes to delivering advanced features at an amazing value, no other SMS platform has gone as far as AVOXI.
Our software platform includes the features you need to start improving your team's performance today.

Call Analytics

Call Hold

Custom Caller ID


Custom Ring Rules


Custom Greetings

Call Whisper

Call Barge

Custom Call Outcomes

Voicemail Transcription

Why More Companies Are Using SMS Forwarding


78% of consumers say they would rather text a toll free number than call


98% of text messages are opened by the recipient


91% of consumers prefer to receive a text message over voicemail


71% of consumers say SMS is an effective way to communicate with a business
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Common Questions About Virtual SMS Numbers

When you purchase a virtual SMS number in the online shopping cart, activation takes between 5 to 30 minutes.

Enabling SMS on a virtual number already on your account? In most cases, SMS enablement takes just 5 minutes or less. However, there are some situations where enabling your number can take up to 30 minutes.

Your responses will look like a regular text message. Our system automatically removes any email signatures and formats your message according to the proper SMS formatting. 

Yes, this is a popular use-case of our business SMS feature. You may also forward texts to application email addresses, such as CRM email to case, allowing your team to easily manage incoming tickets.  

No. If your response is over 160 characters, it will be broken up into multiple messages for your recipient. 

Of course 🙂

At this time, you can set up SMS forwarding with any local or toll free number from the US or Canada. Stay tuned - We will be adding international SMS forwarding very soon!

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