Unlimited US/CA Calling

Cloud Contact Center Contact Center Features Unlimited Calling - US/Canada

Unlimited Calls to Anywhere in the US and Canada

AVOXI understands how important it is to keep you connected with your callers. That's why we now offer unlimited calling* within the U.S. and Canada to Contact Center customers for a low monthly rate of $9.99 per line.

An Exclusive Calling Plan for Cloud Contact Center Customers

Not sure which local area calling plan makes the most sense for your business? Concerned you are outgrowing the number of minutes included with your current package? Don’t get caught worrying about overage charges ever again. Contact Center customers are no longer constrained by a certain allotment of minutes per month. Instead, those making local area inbound and outbound calls across U.S. and Canada can take advantage of AVOXI’s Unlimited Calling Plan. 

Get The Best Rates for U.S. and Canada Calling

With AVOXI, you get reliable coverage at the best rates.  Our Unlimited Package is exclusively offered to our contact center customers, supporting those who do significant dialing across U.S. and Canada. AVOXI scores above the global standard for "excellent" call quality and 19 years of VoIP experience, so you can count on us to stay connected.

No Unexpected Fees for Additional Minutes

Don’t worry about unexpected fees when you have a busy month. Our Unlimited Package gives you peace of mind knowing just how much you are paying. For just $9.99/number per month, you can make unlimited inbound and outbound calls anywhere in the United States and Canada using your AVOXI Contact Center softphone**.

*Unlimited Calling subject to terms of fair use policy

**External forwarding/Forward to SIP not included (charged termination)

See What Unlimited Calling in the US and Canada Can Do for You

Enjoy a free 30 day trial of AVOXI to see what features like unlimited calling in the US and Canada can do for your business or call center. 

Get the Most Out of Your Contact Center

The AVOXI platform comes with much more than unlimited calling in the USA and Canada.


Integrate Your Tools

AVOXI integrates with 50+ business tools so you can see everything happening with your customers all in one place.


Global Voice Platform

Instantly activate virtual phone numbers in 170+ countries at the most competitive rates worldwide.

actionable insights

Virtual Call Center

Improve customer service and agent productivity with AVOXI's intuitive, easy-to-use virtual call center software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does unlimited calling to the US & Canada cost?

Unlimited calling to the US and Canada is an exclusive feature for contact center software customers, at a rate of $9.99 per line.

Can AVOXI's Unlimited Calling plan include long distance calling?

AVOXI's Unlimited Calling plan only includes calls within the US and Canada.

Does this plan include SMS?

SMS is not included in this plan but can be included as an add-on feature.

What are "fair use" rules?

Fair use includes about 3,600 minutes with each 'unlimited' user extension. In addition, dialers are also not allowed under fair use.