Toll Free Numbers – US and Canada

US & Canada Toll Free Numbers

Inbound US and Canada toll free numbers allow your customers to call you at no cost to them. AVOXI can deliver their calls to your company or call center – anywhere in the world – via voice over IP (VoIP) or the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Vanity Numbers

AVOXI also offers toll free vanity numbers from the US and Canada. Using easily recognizable 1-800 vanity numbers (i.e. 1-800-BUSINESS) as a branding and direct response tool in advertising can help increase response rates by 30-60%.

Move Your 1-800 Numbers to AVOXI with Resporg (Responsible Organization) Number Porting

If you currently have US toll free numbers with another carrier and want to move or “port” those numbers away from that carrier, AVOXI can do that for you, quickly and efficiently. The process is called RespOrg (responsible organization). AVOXI is a RespOrg carrier with direct access to the national SMS database.

If you have US and Canada toll free numbers with another carrier and want to move or “port” those numbers away from that carrier. AVOXI offers the best overall value:

  • Great quality
  • High availability and reliability
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Competitive pricing
  • 24X7 technical support
  • Flexible routing options

800 Numbers with Geolocation Service

If you need a US toll free number that is available from specific states, AVOXI can provide a US toll free number with geolocation service. The toll free number will only be accessible from the states you require, while other states will be blocked from calling the US toll free number. Geolocation is a flexible service as we can easily open your US 800 number to be accessible from additional states as your needs change.

Our call routing options and related services include Time of Day Routing, Call Redirect, Failover and Redundancy.

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