The Best US Toll Free Number Providers

AVOXI compares the best US toll free number providers by reviewing pricing, strengths and weaknesses, and features for businesses seeking 800 numbers.


Who Are the Top USA Toll Free Number Providers?

Are you looking for a USA toll free number provider, but unsure which will offer you the best number plans for your company? If so, you've come to the right article.

There are several kinds of use-cases for VoIP phone numbers and features that companies might need for their business communications. Because of this, there are now many virtual toll free number providers that give services around certain business needs. While it's great to have multiple options, sometimes it's hard to compare plans and find the best one for your business.

We want you to find the best fit for your company. AVOXI has provided toll free phone numbers in the US for almost 20 years, and while we know that we offer fantastic call quality, top-tier customer service, and over twenty business phone features, we know that there is not one individual provider that fits all businesses. There's many different options available for US toll free phone number providers, so we've narrowed down a list of providers that have established their reputation and have been in the business for an appropriate amount of time. 

Before we start looking at each individual US toll free number provider, take a look at the three types of US toll free phone numbers.

Types of US Toll Free Numbers

Comparing USA Toll Free Number Providers

Many 800 number providers offer US toll free phone numbers. Deciding the best 800 number provider for your company can be stressful, which is the reason we have selected six reputable toll free number providers to compare to our own. In this post, we'll take a look at the best 800 number providers based on affordability, strengths and weaknesses, and notable features.

Provider Great For Companies looking to feel out prospective customers in new markets with Pay As You Go.
Global Call Forwarding Businesses with cyclical sales and services that don’t use up all of their allotted minutes every month. Businesses that only need toll free numbers and also want mobile and desktop apps.
MightyCall Small businesses that don't require many features and want voice-to-text capabilities. Entrepreneurs and small businesses with video and web conferencing needs.
AVOXI Businesses that desire flexible and affordable plans for fast-activation toll-free numbers. is an enterprise-grade telecom provider in Los Angeles, CA with a focus on the needs of worldwide businesses. Customers can purchase US toll free packages online or by contacting their multilingual customer service team. Packages start at $9 for True 1-800 numbers and $5 for Standard Dial Codes, increasing in cost as plans become larger and you are allotted more minutes. You can choose to be billed monthly or on an annual basis. 

Every purchase of a phone number comes with International Call Forwarding, Simultaneous Ringing, Sequential Ringing, Time/Day Routing, and more. 

Strengths Weaknesses
Free trial for any starter, medium, or large plan Call recording costs $7/month and $0.03/min
Inbound fax and voicemail messaging capabilities $40 porting fee
Call forwarding to multiple numbers anywhere in the world Relatively low amount of minutes for starter plan Pricing for US Toll Free Numbers:'s Pay-As-You-Go plans for 800 numbers start at $9 per month, which is a good price for US 800 numbers. Standard toll free phone numbers start at $5 per month. While most plans included in this article have monthly payment plans, TollFreeForwarding offers an annual bill pay option, which allows companies to save 25% on their plan.

Similar to AVOXI and Global Call Forwarding, has a few different plan options that have different amounts of included minutes. If you use all of your allotted minutes, charges per minute at a higher cost for each additional minute.

We find that's Starter phone plans are well priced for US 800 number services. Their larger plans are less affordable when comparing to more advanced plans of other providers in this post. Additionally, call recording and local number porting fees are more expensive than similar providers.

Here’s a quick look at the monthly pricing plans for US toll free numbers when forwarding calls to VoIP/SIP. It does not include the additional rate per minute when forwarding calls to a landline or mobile device, which starts at $0.013 in Starter plans:

  • Pay As You Go: $9 per month, $0.046 per minute
  • 400 Minutes: $14 per month, $0.041 per additional minute
  • 1,032 Minutes: $19 per month, $0.034 per additional minute
  • 1,895 Minutes: $29 per month, $0.029 per additional minute
  • 3,888 Minutes: $49 per month, $0.019 per additional minute
  • 7,523 Minutes: $79 per month, $0.016 per additional minute
usa-toll-free - Notable Features

  1. Custom Voice Menu: Toll free numbers include an advanced IVR system, so businesses can direct their calls to the right staff member.
  2. International Call Forwarding: Businesses can set up forwarding to several phone numbers simultaneously from anywhere in the world and ensure no call goes unanswered.
  3. Fax2MyEmail™ & Voicemail2MyEmail™: USA toll free numbers can also be used to receive faxes and voicemails as email attachments, or a downloaded document from the online messaging center.

Global Call Forwarding

A brand of United World Telecom, Global Call Forwarding is based in Delray Beach, FL. The company is an international provider of toll free numbers that come with several business features. Customers have access a Free Trial with their toll free phone number as well as their Rollover Minute services for the first three months at no additional cost. Phone plans begin at $12.95 for True 1-800 numbers and $12.95 for Standard in Basic, increasing to a maximum of $248.95 for either dial code type. 

In addition to their included features, Global Call Forwarding has add-on features like Outbound Calling, SMS Forwarding, Call Recording, and continuing with Rollover Minutes at additional costs. 

Strengths Weaknesses
First 3 months includes free rollover minutes Call recording fees
Unlimited extension capabilities Enterprise outbound calling at $1,000/month
White or blacklists to filter calls based on preset requirements Depending of plan type, rollover minutes can be $5-$25

Global Call Forwarding Pricing Structure for USA Toll Free Numbers:

Global Call Forwarding number plans for US 800 numbers start at $12.95 for standard toll free numbers and $18.95 for true 800 numbers. Like other companies on this list, Global Call Forwarding provides plans with varying amounts of minutes for their users.

With Global Call Forwarding, users get the highest amount of minutes when comparing to TollFreeForwarding and AVOXI. The highest talk time value can be taken advantage of through the true number Value plan, which includes 179% more minutes than the Basic plan. For standard US 800 numbers, the Power plan has 276% more minutes than the Basic plan.

If you happen to exceed your monthly minutes, Global Call Forwarding charges you based on a predetermined rate for each additional minute. Excluding's Starter plans, Global Call Forwarding has the most expensive additional minute prices. Additionally, any users that want features like outbound calling, call recording, or rollover minutes will have to pay a premium.

Here’s a quick look at the monthly pricing plans for 800 US numbers when forwarding calls to VoIP/SIP.

  • Basic: $18.95 per month, 443 minutes, $0.040 per additional minute
  • Value: $38.95 per month, 1,237 minutes, $0.035 per additional minute
  • Power: $78.95 per month, 2,861 minutes, $0.03 per additional minute
  • Premium: $158.95 per month, 6,569 minutes, $0.025 per additional minute
  • Enterprise: $248.95 per month, 12,638 minutes, $0.02 per additional minute
us toll free numbers

Global Call Forwarding Highlighted Features:

  1. Time of Day Routing: System function that redirects your company’s incoming calls to another destination - mobile, voicemail, VoIP number - based on the time of day. 
  2. Simultaneous Ringing: Calls come in and phones ring at once, enabling teams to take all calls from any designated lines at the same time.
  3. Unlimited Extensions: Routing function to connect customers with the appropriate representative, department, or division of the company. is a telecommunications company based in New York, USA that focuses solely on any type or 1-8XX number.'s pricing is based on three different kinds of plans. All plans come with identical features-- they only differ on the number of minutes included and amount of numbers given. Minutes are charged at $.04/min.

Strengths Weaknesses
No setup fees No free trial available to test service
Call and fax report capabilities Number activation fees
Offers online 800 number lookup Plans not suitable for enterprise companies Pricing Structure for USA Toll Free Numbers:

Here’s a breakdown of their pricing structure for each of their plans:


  • $23/mo
  • 1,000 Minutes
  • 1 Toll-Free Number


  • $59/mo
  • Unlimited Minutes
  • 1 Toll-Free Number


  • $239/mo
  • 10,000 Minutes
  • Unlimited seats
  • 5 Toll-Free Numbers Highlighted Features

  1. Mobile and Desktop Apps: Connect with customers and colleagues from a single app on your phone, tablet, or computer. 
  2. Call Recording: Record customer calls for quality assurance and training while gaining insightful customer feedback.
  3. Telephony Calling Zones: Customers receive unlimited calls within 14 countries for X2 plan; 47 countries for X4, X6, and X8. 


Based in California, USA, MightyCall is a brand of Infratel Inc., a software company. MightyCall is “designed with small business in mind”, with three different phone number plans offered that include a variety of features. MightyCall allows a 7 day free trial and 30 day money back guarantee with all three of their available plans. There are no long term contacts required, and customers are allowed to cancel at any time. 

Strengths Weaknesses
Small business-focused Limited for scaling or large businesses
No per user charges Calling minutes low and pooled in basic users plan
Voice-to-text capabilities Basic plan features are limited

MightyCall Pricing Structure for USA Toll Free Numbers:

MightyCall's pricing is plan-based, with three different plans for customers to choose from: Basic, Standard, and Ultimate. Their Basic plan is recommended for "side gigs with a minor call load" and includes 1,000 minutes, which is less minutes than similar competitor's lower price plans. Unlimited minutes are included in the Standard and Ultimate plans, prices at $49.99 per month and $99.99 per month, respectively. While all plans include unlimited users, this is more useful for the Standard and Ultimate that include unlimited minutes.

Here’s a breakdown of their pricing structure for each of their plans:

  • Basic: $19.99 per month
  • Standard: $39.99 per month
  • Ultimate: $99.99 per month

MightyCall Notable Features

  1. Intuitive UI: Mightycall provides clarity and ease of access for small business with an intuitive UI for mobile and desktop.
  2. "Mini CRM" Functionality: Users can easily  keep track of their contact lists and leave notes for each contact/customer interaction without needing multiple management tools.
  3. WhatsApp Business integration: WhatsApp Business lets customers connect a business number and talk to customers via WhatsApp. Users can make and receive calls, and send text messages and multimedia. is a work-from-anywhere solution for agile, mobile, and always-on entrepreneurs and growing businesses. Headquartered in Newark, NJ with offices in California and New York, this international telecommunications provider offers a variety of customizable features, including account, video, voice, and productivity, within their Basic Users package - priced at $12.99 per month, per user. You may choose to be billed monthly or annually. As your needs grow, more features are included in the upper-level packages.

There are many additional features available for an extra cost with, such as call recording, faxing, live receptionist, and discount pricing for additional phone numbers. 

Strengths Weaknesses
Support physical phones, mobile devices, and softphones International calling rates apply
24/7 bilingual support team Calling minutes low and pooled in basic-users plan
Video conferencing capabilities Call analytics only available in pro-users plan Pricing Structure for US Toll Free Numbers: plans start at $12.99 for the Basic Users package, $19.99 for Plan Users, and $29.99 for Pro Users. Pricing are charged per user, per month. Most notably, provides collaborative services - specifically video, audio, and web conferencing in all plans.

Similar to 8x8, includes customers mobile and web applications. SMS forwarding is also included in each plan, so teams can engage with their contacts even without computers. Basic Users customers have significantly fewer call minutes compared to some of the other providers we’ve previously discussed. Additionally, the type of number your choose with your plan may drive up the cost. While does offers free numbers, you could also $10, $15, or even $49 for a number--and, a global per month rate of $5 for standard numbers and $15 for true 800 numbers applies. Below is a breakdown of’s pricing plans:

  • Basic Users: $12.99 per month per user
  • Plus Users: $19.99 per month per user
  • Pro Users: $29.99 per month per user
usa toll free number providers Highlighted Features

  1. Video Conferencing: This feature includes 10 participants for Basic Users, 25 participants for Plus Users, and 100 Participants for Pro Users.
  2. Scheduled Greetings: Balance inbound calls with scheduled greetings during open and closed business hours.
  3. iOS App: The mobile app allows entrepreneurs to separate personal and professional profiles while managing several phone numbers on a single mobile device.


We’re a leading global communications provider offering  DID, toll Free, Non-Geographic, Mobile, and UIFN phone numbers in 150+ countries.  AVOXI provides scaling businesses quick activations, affordable toll free plans, and excellent voice coverage in the US and around the world. Besides providing high quality toll free number services around the globe, AVOXI also lets customers buy additional user extensions and more advanced phone system features such as call monitoring, advanced reporting, call queuing, analytics, and more. 

Strengths Weaknesses
Instant toll free number activation upon processing 27/7 customer support for service, sales, or onboarding
24/7 bilingual support team No video call capabilites
Affordable rates & scalable plans for growing businesses No mobile app

AVOXI Pricing Structure for USA Toll Free Numbers:

Our numbers plans are similar to you select a business number plan based on your expected call volume. If you exceed the amount of minutes in your number plan, you will be charged a higher rate for each additional minute.

AVOXI offers more affordable pricing when compared to and Global Call Forwarding in most scenarios, This includes mid to high call volume plans for toll free service in the US. There are zero contracts and zero setup fees, and we even include over 20 business phone features with each US toll free service plan. AVOXI's US TFN numbers assist businesses of any size, with four options available. Here’s our pricing for forwarded calls to VoIP/SIP/Softphone:  

  • Connect* (standard only): 1,032 minutes at $16.99 per month and $0.031 per additional minute
  • Standard: 1,895 minutes at $25.99 per month and $0.026 per additional minute
  • Advanced: 3,888 minutes at $43.99 per month and $0.017 per additional minute
  • Premium: 7,523 minutes at $70.99 per month and $0.014 per additional minute
usa toll free number service

AVOXI's Notable Features

  1. Call Analytics & Reporting: Improve efficiencies, customer experience, and staff performance with activity reporting and call analytics.
  2. Toll Free Number Porting: Port your US toll free phone numbers AVOXI and get a month of Free Calling - Limited Time Only!
  3. Intelligent Routing: AVOXI offers IVR, Auto Attendant, multiple call routing options, and more.

Get the Most from Your US Toll Free Number Service

Working with your customers is easy with a high-quality and reliable toll free phone number provider supporting you! Even if you choose a different provider from us, we hope that this blog post makes it much easier for you to understand telecom pricing and find the best US toll free service provider for your company!

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