Best Call Management Software (2019)

best call management software

Call management software is a business tool that allows your customers to get connected with the proper agents and help decrease wait times for those who call your business.

There are a lot of options out there for call management systems and can be extremely overwhelming. We are here to help. In this article, we will take a closer look at:

  • The best call management software and solutions
  • Call management software pricing and features
  • Various use cases - which provider is best for what and why

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Before diving in, let's take a look at the criteria we used to choose the top call management system providers. Having an affordable price is going to be one of the most important things to look at when choosing call management software. Depending on your call volume and feature set needs, certain providers will be better for your organization than others.

There are a few basic features that almost every good call management software provider should offer. Basic call routing tools such as call forwarding, answering rules, call transfers and an IVR system are all things that should be offered standard.

Having proper integrations is also an important factor to consider. Some companies rely heavily on programs such as Salesforce and other CRM platforms, and being able to integrate your call management software can be a major selling point.

Below is our list of providers we reviewed and what we believe they are best used for.

RingCentral Best call management software for large businesses
Nextiva Best call management software with advanced features
8x8 Best call management software for out of country calling
Grasshopper Best call management software for small businesses
CallTrackingMetrics Best call management software for marketing campaigns

Best Call Management Software


Nextiva is one of the larger call management software providers out there today. Offering a large variety of features, Nextiva is sure to offer a cloud call management software that is right for your business. They offer different tiers of pricing, and discounts for longer contracts and more users. 

Nextiva Call Management Software Pricing and Features

Nextiva is another great option for your cloud call management software. They offer various tiers of pricing, depending on your business size and how many users you’re going to have. On top of their tiered pricing, they offer longer contracts and prepay options that can help lower your average monthly bill. 

All of their call management system plans offer unlimited calling, internet faxing, a free local and toll free number, auto attendant, call logs and voicemail to email.

Communication basic

  • 1 - 4 users: $35/month per user
  • 5 - 19 users: $30/month per user
  • 20 - 99 users: $26/month per user 

For their most basic plan, this is a pretty good price considering all the features you get. If your business doesn’t need super advanced features such as call analytics, but still expects a large call volume, this could be a great option. 

Communication pro

  • 1 - 4 users: $38/month per user
  • 5 - 19 users: $35/month per user
  • 20 - 99 users: $30/month per user

This plan includes everything listed above, plus unlimited conference calls, web conferencing, unlimited SMS messaging, instant messaging, survey creation, and a professionally recorded greeting. 

Communication enterprise

  • 1 - 4 users: $55/month per user
  • 5 - 19 users: $45/month per user
  • 20 - 99 users: $40/month per user

This plan is great for large businesses looking for more advanced features. Included in this plan are features such as voicemail to text, voice analytics, and a live chat feature on your website.

top call management system


RingCentral is one of the largest call management software companies on the market today, with estimated annual revenue north of $800 million (BusinessWire) in 2019. Much like Nextiva, they offer tiered pricing and discounts if you have more users on their cloud call management software.

RingCentral Call Management Pricing and Features


RingCentral’s essential plan is only good for up to 20 users, so keep this in mind if you could have more than that. They offer features such as unlimited calls within the US and Canada, 100 toll free minutes, unlimited business SMS, voicemail to email, voicemail transcription, call log reports and on-demand call recording. This is a very strong feature set for their smallest plan. Each plan includes either a local or toll free number, with options to purchase additional numbers for a monthly fee. This plan has 2 different tiers of pricing:

  • 1 user: $39.99/month 
  • 2 - 99 users: $29.99/month per user


The standard plan offered by RingCentral is the next largest plan in their product line, with a few additional features than their essentials plan. In addition to everything included in the essential plan, you will get 1,000 toll free minutes, unlimited audio meetings/video conferencing, custom app development and deployment, quality of service reporting, multi-level auto attendant, and internet faxing. The pricing for this plan is as follows:

  • 1 user: $49.99/month
  • 2 - 99 users: $34.99/month per user


Their most popular plan is their premium plan. Like the standard plan, you will get all the features in the smaller plans, with a few additional features to really take your call management to the next level. You will get 2,500 toll free minutes/month, automatic call recording, multi site support and integration with Salesforce, Zendesk and Desk CRM platforms. This plan is priced a follows:

  • 1 user: $54.99/month
  • 2 - 99 users: $44.99/month per user


Their final and largest plan is their ultimate plan. This plan is very similar to their premium plan, with the exception that more people can join video conferences and you get 10,000 toll free minutes per month. This plan is best suited for large enterprises and call centers. 

  • 1 user: $69.99/month
  • 2 - 99 users: $59.99/month per user

All in all, RingCentral offers a strong variety of call management software options for businesses of any size. They offer massive discounts if your number of users increase, but for the sake of this post, we kept it to smaller to medium sized business and contact centers.

best call management software


Grasshopper is a call management software provider that provides local and toll free phone call management services in the United States and Canada. Offering 3 different plans, they are great for smaller businesses or entrepreneurs looking to have control over their call management and spread brand awareness.  

Grasshopper Call Management System Pricing and Features

All Grasshopper plans come with a good suite of features:

  • Unlimited minutes
  • Business SMS messaging 
  • Call forwarding
  • Virtual Fax
  • Read your voicemail
  • Custom greetings
  • Call transfer
  • Call reporting 
  • And more!


  • 1 phone number with 3 extensions
    • $29/month


  • 3 phone numbers with 6 extensions
    • $49/month

Small Business

  • 5 numbers with unlimited extensions
    • $89/month

Grasshopper is used by over 135,000 businesses, making them a well-established call management software provider. With their low monthly prices, they are a great option for solo entrepreneurs or micro businesses.

best call management solution


8x8 is a phone call management software provider who has an established presence in the United States, Canada, the UK, and France. They offer call management solutions for both large enterprises as well as small to medium-sized businesses. 

8x8 Call Management Software Pricing and Features

8x8 offers 4 different plans for small to medium-sized businesses, called their X Series. Below, we will give an overview of what each plan includes and what the costs to you will be. 

X Series X2

  • $28/month per user
  • Features include:
    • Unlimited calling within 14 countries 
    • Auto attendant 
    • Call recording 
    • Call Queues
    • Business SMS
    • Team messaging
    • Unlimited Internet faxing
    • Audio/Videro conferencing for up to 100 participants
    • Essential analytics 

X Series X3

  • $38/month per user
  • Features include everything in the X2 plan plus:
    • Unlimited calling within 32 countries
    • Operator switchboard

X Series X5

  • $60/month per user
  • Features include everything in the X3 plan plus:
    • Unlimited calling in 47 countries
    • Call barge
    • Call monitor
    • Call whisper
    • Queued and web callback 
    • IVR
    • Contact center, service and supervisor analytics
    • 2,000 minutes of outbound predictive dialer

X Series X8

  • $115/month per user
  • Features include everything in the X5 plan plus:
    • 4,000 contact center minutes within 47 countries
    • Customer experience analytics
    • 8x8 expert connect
    • Post-call surveys

8x8 offers volume discounts for businesses who have 100 or more users. They also offer call management software for enterprise sized businesses that includes more advanced call analytics to better track customer experience and the customer journey.

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CallTrackingMetrics provides call management software that can help your business track marketing campaigns as well as manage inbound calls. Offering more advanced analytics then some of the competitors, CallTrackingMetrics is great for companies looking to closely monitor their marketing campaigns. 

CallTrackingMetrics Call Management Software Pricing and Features

CallTrackingMetrics offers different tiered plans based on your organization's needs. Here are some of the features that are included with every inbound call management service plan:

  • Unlimited users
  • Local and toll free numbers in 80 countries
  • Track campaign calls
  • Adwords and Google Analytics integrations
  • Call recording
  • Call whispering 
  • Email and text notifications
  • Bulk and scheduled SMS messaging
  • Smart transcriptions
  • Live listen
  • Conference calling  
  • ROI Reporting
  • Scheduled routing
  • And much more!

Business Plan - $19/month

  • Includes all features mentioned above
  • Usage rates: 
    • Local numbers: $2.50/month, $0.045/minute 
    • Toll free numbers: $3.50/month, $0.065/minute
    • Transcriptions: $0.03/minute
    • Texts: $0.014/text

Marketing Plan - $99/month 

  • Unlimited sub accounts
  • Bill clients directly
  • Queues and scheduling 
  • Agency white label and reseller options 
  • Smart routing
  • Custom fields
  • Free onboarding with CallTrackingMetrics specialist
  • Hubspot, Facebook and Google Data Studio integrations 
  • Usage rates:
    • Local numbers: $1.50/month, $0.040/minute
    • Toll free numbers: $2.25/month, $0.055/minute
    • Transcriptions: $0.025/minute
    • Texts: $0.012/text

Contact Center Plan: $299/month

  • Unlimited Form Reactor
  • Advanced routing
  • Customized softphone 
  • Automation triggers
  • Outbound Dialer+ 
  • Custom Actions
  • 30 day onboarding
  • Dedicated account executive
  • Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Zendesk integrations
  • Usage rates:
    • Local numbers: $1.25/month, $0.035/minute
    • Toll free numbers: $2.00/month, $0.050/minute
    • Transcriptions: $0.02/minute
    • Texts: $0.01/text
best phone call management software

Finding the best call management system for your business doesn't have to be overwhelming. We hope you found our guide for finding the top phone call management systems useful, and please feel free to reach out if you feel as if we missed something! We are always updating our information to be as up to date as possible.