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How to Get a Vanity Phone Number for Your Company

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The telecommunications industry evolved rapidly over the last 30 years. Today, VoIP services make it easier than ever to expand into new markets.For decades, vanity phone numbers were a popular business phone service and that popularity continues today. In this article, AVOXI offers expert advice on how to get a vanity phone numberplan best suited for your business needs.

Which Type of Vanity Phone Number is Right for You?

A vanity phone number is a personalized business number that spells out a brand or service. Vanity phone numbers give businesses an distinct market advantage. They make brand names more memorable and help establish a professional image. There are two types of vanity phone numbers:

Toll free vanity numbers, also known as “vanity 800 numbers,”are personalized business numbers with a toll free dial code. They create a single point of contact for callers at a national level. A toll free vanity phone number makes your brand stand out and proves a way for callers to reach you for free. Many businesses use toll free numbers, but very few companies take advantage of toll free vanity phone numbers.

Local vanity phone numbers use local area codes rather than 800 dial codes. This helps businesses stand out on a local level. Local vanity phone numbers charge callers a local rate, even when the call forwards overseas. These vanity phone numbers are great for individual marketing campaigns.

Business Benefits of Getting Vanity Phone Numbers

Catchy vanity phone numbers make for effective marketing tools.Vanity phone numbers make radio, television, billboard, and other advertising platforms more effective. The business benefits of getting a vanity phone number include:

  • Build recall for a brand name
  • Improve the impact of your marketing efforts
  • Create an established image for your company
  • Track individual marketing campaigns with personalized numbers
  • Increase customer interactions with a business number that stands out

Best Practices When Getting a Vanity Phone Number

A carefully selected vanity phone number is a valuable extension to your business. When choosing your vanity number, use easy-to-remember words or phrases that relate to your business.  For example, AVOXI’s vanity 800 number, 1 (800) 462-8694, spells out 1 (800) GO-AVOXI.

Additional tips include:

  • Choose simple words and avoid alternate spellings.
  • Use letters and if possible avoid using any numbers.
  • Rhyming and flowing words are easier to remember.

Choosing a Vanity Phone Number Provider

You already know that vanity phone numbers are a lead generating asset for your business. However, issues like poor voice quality, dropped calls, and system downtime can spell disaster. In a market flooded with providers, there are many options available to you. Companies that do some research before they get a vanity phone number help ensure success and reduce costs.

Important things to investigate include:

  • What are the various costs?
  • What calling features does your vanity phone number include?
  • What are the contractual obligations?

How Much Do Vanity Phone Numbers Cost?

When you get vanity phone number quotes, there are different types of costs to consider. The primary charges to inquire about are:

  • What is the monthly subscription fee?
  • Are there any setup fees?
  • What is my rate per minute?
  • Are all the features I need included, or do they cost extra?

While some vanity phone numberproviders like AVOXI do not charge setup fees, many still do. Some providers offer attractive monthly subscriptions but charge expensive per minute rates. Finally, consider what business features you need with your vanity phone number. Check which providers include those features with service, and which charge add-on fees for them. AVOXI offers competitive vanity phone number packages in over 120 countries. This makes our Online Shopping Cart a great tool for benchmarking prices.

What Features Do Vanity Phone Numbers Include?

Another benefit of getting vanity phone numbers from a VoIP service provider is the advanced calling features included. Features vary by package, but most vanity phone number providers include standard VoIP features with any level of service. Standard features typically include:

  • Global Call Forwarding
  • Time of Day Routing
  • IVR
  • Call Recording
  • VoiceMail2MyEmail
  • Fax2MyEmail
  • Call Grouping / Barring
  • Real Time Reporting

AVOXI and many other vanity phone number providers include more VoIP features than listed. However, this gives you an idea of the basic features to expect.

How to Get a Vanity Phone Number

Vanity phone numbers are affordable marketing tools that help establish your brand name. To ensure that you get a vanity phone number plan suited for your business, remember the recommendations:

  • Think carefully about potential number spellings. You want something simple and professional. The more potential names you write down, the easier it is to find a suitable vanity phone number for your business.
  • Consider your VoIP business feature requirements. Make sure you use a provider that offers everything you need at a great price.
  • Understand your costs. Don’t just look at monthly subscription fees. Make sure your vanity phone number provider offers competitive per minute rates and minimizes other charges like additional features and setup fees.

Interested in Getting Vanity Phone Numbers from AVOXI?

AVOXI makes it easy to get vanity phone numbers in 120+ countries around the world. You don’t need any expensive equipment or additional hardware. AVOXI provisions toll free and local vanity phone numbers within 48 hours. You can learn more about AVOXI’s services or get a vanity phone number today in a few ways:

  1. Complete the short quote form, and an AVOXI representative will contact you shortly to offer a custom quote and answer any questions you have about Vanity phone numbers; or
  2. Speak directly with an AVOXI vanity number specialist,  talk to a specialist
  3. Choose an available vanity phone number from our Online Shopping Cart and set up your business phone service online. After selecting a vanity phone number, an AVOXI specialist will explain how to use your VoIP business features and login to the AVOXI Core User Interface.