Local Number Portability Guide (2019)

2019-number portability guide

Local phone numbers, also known as DID numbers are popular business numbers that help companies establish a local presence.  As a registered Responsible Organization, AVOXI has over 17 years of experience in managing and transferring business numbers for our clients. We've ported local numbers from dozens of countries at no additional charge. In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about DID number portability and how regulations differ between countries.

What Is Local Number Porting?

Local number porting allows businesses to switch service providers and keep their number.  DID number porting has two phases.  The first is to “release” the phone number from the existing carrier. The second is to move it over to the new carrier.

About This Guide

We assembled the information in this guide from two primary sources:

  1. Online documentation published by local number porting regulatory bodies from each country.
  2. AVOXI's own internal documentation we've received from our local carriers around the world.

We included information form 50+ of the most popular porting countries we receive requests from. If you do not see information from the country you are looking for, let us know! We can manually find the information you are looking for. In addition, we will make updates to this guide as we get such requests.

How Long Does it Take to Port Local Numbers?

The timeline to port a local number is based on your existing provider and the type of number you wish to port.  It takes, on average 15 - 30 business days to transfer a number to a new provider.  In most cases, AVOXI can do the transfer in  7-14 business days.

Local Number Portability Service Fees

AVOXI: AVOXI will port your existing DID numbers at no additional cost.

eVoice: eVoice charges a one-time administrative porting fee of $40 (equivalent local currency) per phone number.

CallHippo: CallHippo will port your U.S. and Canada local number free of charge.  Should you wish to port a number outside of this region there will be a one-time porting fee (exact fees are not disclosed).

Global Call Forwarding: Global Call Forwarding will port your existing local number on higher-value service plans for free. Porting fees may apply to pay-as-you-go or entry-level service plans.

Grasshopper: Grasshopper charges a $30 (equivalent local currency) one-time transfer fee per number.

RingCentral: With RingCentral, you can request to transfer your local number to another carrier at no extra charge.

Your Local Number Portability Guide

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Local Number Portability by Country