Toll Free Number Portability Guide (2019)

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Are you frustrated by how hard it is to find information about toll free number porting in more than one country at a time? So were we, so we put together a complete 800 number portability guide! Our information comes from:

  1. Documentation published online from each country's regulatory body.
  2. AVOXI's internal documentation from local carriers around the world.

We included 800 number portability information from most industrialized countries. If you don't see what you're looking for, let us know so we can look up the information for you! Our local carrier partnerships span across 150+ countries worldwide.

Toll Free Number Porting Process

In most countries, the process of porting 800 numbers include:

  1. The new service provider notifies the existing service provider of the requested port.
  2. The existing provider is asked to validate the customer's information.
  3. The existing provider confirms the customers' information with the winning service provider. (Note: if the customers' information is not submitted correctly this can delay the process.)
  4. The new provider notifies the regulatory body of the port request.
  5. The regulatory body creates a pending port and sends a notification to the existing service provider.
  6. The new service provider notifies the governing body to activate the port.
  7. The pending port is activated in the national SIP network and instantly broadcast to the telecommunications industry network.

Although the porting process may appear simple, there are often delays in the process due to incorrect information or individuals and associations creating bottlenecks.

How Long Does it Take to Port 800 Numbers?

The timeline to port a toll free number is base on your existing provider and the type of number you wish to port. Most services recommend that you plan on 15 - 30 business days to port an existing 800 number to a new provider. In our experience, most customers have been able port toll free numbers to AVOXI's network in 7-14 days business days.

How Much Does 800 Number Porting Cost?

Toll free number porting fees are usually imposed by one of the two carriers involved in the transfer. Here are some examples of what services charge to port your toll free number to their network:

  • AVOXI: AVOXI will port your existing toll free numbers at no additional cost.
  • eVoice: eVoice charges a one-time administrative fee of $40 (equivalent local currency) per 800 number.  
  • CallHippo: CallHippo will port your U.S. and Canada toll free number free of charge.  Should you wish to port a number outside of this region there will be a one-time porting fee (exact fees are not disclosed).  
  • GlobalCallForwarding: Global Call Forwarding will port your existing toll free number on higher-value service plans for free.  Porting fees may apply to pay as you go or entry-level service plans.
  • Grasshopper: Grasshopper charges $30 (equivalent local currency) one-time transfer fee to port numbers on a Solo, Partner or Small Business Plan.  
  • RingCentral: RingCentral allows you to request to transfer your toll-free number to another carrier at no extra charge.

Toll Free Number Portability Rules by Country

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Toll Free Number Portability by Region