Call Center Reporting and Analytics Software

Contact Center Analytics and Reporting Software

Take advantage of a wide range of call center analytics and reporting tools and see how easy improving team performances can be. 

  • Real-time and Historical Reports: Track trends with live and historical reporting for inbound and outbound agent performance metrics
  • Service-level Metrics: Set goals and monitor your contact center performance according to service-level benchmarks
  • Shared and Scheduled Reports: Use shared and scheduled reporting features to automatically share insights with managers and agents
  • Live Monitoring and Analytics: Combine live performance monitoring with real-time analytic dashboards to coach agents more effectively
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Guide Better Performance with Call Center Analytics Software

Understanding how your team is performing and when adjustments are needed can be a challenge. AVOXI makes it simple to get the insights you need to stay ahead of critical service-level metrics and proactively manage your contact center and teams. Our suite of reporting tools allows smart business leaders to increase productivity without affecting the bottom line.


Improve Efficiency with Call Center Performance Reporting

Easily run activity reports on key metrics like total calls, average talk time, and call outcomes - by team or agent. AVOXI provides not only historical call activity reports but also real-time visibility, enabling you the ability to reallocate resources in an instant. 

Automatically Share Actionable Insights with Team Members

Avoid the manual work of pulling performance reports daily, weekly or monthly and replace it with an automated workflow that does the work for you and circulates reports in the format and the frequency of your choice. Share reports with others on the team and collaborate on opportunities to continuously refine your process.


Set Goals to Measure KPIs and Monitor Service Level Metrics

With Service Level metrics, now you can measure not just what your team is doing but more importantly, how they are performing. Benchmark your call center performance against your businesses service level agreement to ensure you meet and exceed your customers expectations.

Empower Managers to Improve Agent Performance with Live Monitoring and Analytics

With real-time analytics dashboards and live call monitoring, you can track qualitative metrics while monitoring calls in real-time. Give your managers the tools they need to provide same-side feedback and coaching to contact center agents and elevate the quality of their conversations. 


Have Questions About AVOXI's Reporting and Analytics Tools?

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Guide Smarter Decisions with AVOXI's Call Center Reporting Tools

There is a reason why over 5,000 companies and contact centers worldwide trust AVOXI with their business voice and contact center software solutions.

Activity Reports

AVOXI’s analytics dashboard showcases a variety of activity reports on key metrics such as total calls, average talk time, and call outcomes - by team or agent.

Service-level KPIs

Measure not just what your team is doing, but how they are doing according to your service-level agreement and performance goals with custom benchmarks and SLA reporting.

Shared Reports

Easily share reports with others on the team to more efficiently communicate on team performance and identify areas for improvement.

Live Analytics Dashboard

AVOXI gives visibility into both historical call activity reports as well as real-time analytics, offering you the ability to reallocate resources in an instant.

Scheduled Reports

Avoid the manual work of regularly pulling performance reports and let AVOXI's call center reporting software do the work for you with scheduled reporting.

Live Monitoring & Agent Coaching

Combine live call monitoring and advanced analytics to better coach your agents in real-time with our live call coaching dashboard, including historical agent performance views.

Integrate Call Center Analytics with Your Existing Technologies