Nice inContact

Nice inContact powered by AVOXI Voice

Global voice coverage with exceptional call quality - fit perfectly into your Nice inContact contact center platform.


Take advantage of AVOXI’s inventory of hard-to-get numbers and least cost routing without leaving Nice inContact. SIP Forwarding allows you to bring your AVOXI voice service with you to any SIP-enabled platform.

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Don’t compromise the quality or coverage of your voice service just because you already have established PBX, CPaaS, or UCaaS provider. Forward to SIP is the solution to maintaining your existing communications stack while still benefiting from AVOXI’s voice service and number availability across 5 continents. Whether you're locked into an existing contract with a cloud communication provider or require on-site infrastructure - we help you stay connected with little technical expertise required!

Benefit from the most extensive and reliable voice service no matter where you choose to communicate.

Global Voice Coverage in 170+ countries.

AVOXI Voice gives Nice inContact customers the local presence they need to easily connect with their customers. AVOXI's robust inventory of hard-to-get virtual telephone numbers means you can start taking calls anywhere, fast.


Superior Call Quality and Worldwide Reliability.

Nice inContact customers can benefit from AVOXI’s established network of Tier 1 carriers to ensure redundant and high quality voice call routing. AVOXI’s long tenure of relationships with carriers in local markets means you are getting the best possible rates. Our proactive support team monitors voice connectivity and is here to support you 24/7/365.


Easy to Use Enterprise Software Platform.

AVOXI offers feature-rich voice technology with unparalleled call quality and reliability. Centralize, configure and analyze all of your business numbers from a single platform. Easily expand and route new virtual number services via the AVOXI platform in a few clicks. 


Frequently Asked Questions about SIP Forwarding for Nice inContact

Do I need a Nice inContact license in order to connect?

Customers are required to have their own Nice inContact License and account.

Do I need an AVOXI license to utilize this integration?

An AVOXI license is not required to connect with Nice inContact. Simply purchase a virtual number from AVOXI and start forwarding via our online platform.

How difficult is it to set-up my SIP voice integration?

Set up is simple. For business admins, follow these simple steps to begin forwarding your AVOXI voice calls via SIP.

Can I use my AVOXI Voice number for both inbound and outbound calls from Nice inContact?

Yes. AVOXI offers two way voice services across many countries around the world. Some countries are local caller ID capable for incountry services and others are appropriate for international caller ID service.

Is it more expensive to forward my calls to SIP than to an external number?

No, SIP Forwarding provides a more affordable solution for call forwarding because you aren’t charged the typical termination rates related to PSTN or Mobile termination.