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April 7, 2016

AVOXI Announces Launch of Smart Queue Call Integration for

AVOXI, a leading provider of contact center solutions for international businesses, is pleased to announce the launch of the newest feature for Smart Queue, its virtual call center solution: Call Integration for

The Smart Queue Call Integration for automatically syncs inbound and outbound call information to the corresponding lead, contact, or account in the CRM. This new feature identifies the phone number associated with the lead or contact, and instantly maps the call recording and call details to the corresponding record in when the call is completed.

With the Smart Queue Call Integration for, your agents spend less time manually logging after-call details and more time on the phone with prospects and customers. Increased agent productivity and availability means shorter hold times for callers and more calls handled per agent.

“We understand that call center agents have enough on their plates without the added stress of logging each call in the CRM,” said David Wise, CEO and Founder. “This integration takes some of that burden off of the agents without compromising the integrity of call center metrics.”

But, the most important benefit of the Smart Queue Call Integration for is the advanced reporting capability that it offers call center managers. With this essential tool, managers can easily track and report on all call activity logged in Smart Queue using’s custom reporting module.

“This integration has really helped me run my team more effectively ,” said Pablo Torres, Director of Global Sales. “I can listen to call recordings through, which lets me continue to coach and mentor my agents from the CRM. It’s so much easier than going back and forth between applications.”

The Smart Queue Call Integration for is available to all Smart Queue customers who use the “Without Limits” plan, which is ideal for large businesses and call centers. is a trademark of, inc. All rights reserved. Various trademarks are held by their respective owners.

Call Recording Compliance for Credit Card Data

The recordings and storage of credit card data may put organizations at risk and out of compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). As such, Call Recording/Call Storage is not appropriate for agents/employees taking credit card information over the phone and retaining recordings of those interactions. For all AVOXI solutions, use *6 to disengage the recording feature for inbound calls and *8 for outbound calls when taking credit card information over the phone.