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October 1, 2014

Biztec Consulting Successfully Migrates Clients to AVOXI Core

Biztec Consulting is one of AVOXI’s first channel partners to make a large migration to the AVOXI Core platform. The new platform gives users increased functionality and a variety of advanced features that work in conjunction with their existing phone system.

Felicity Menge, AVOXI’s Senior Vice President of Global Channel Programs, explains, “We were able to migrate Biztec Consulting to our platform over the span of a week. It was an absolutely seamless transition, no downtime and no service disruptions. A lot of companies are weary about migrating their systems but the risk is low and the payoff for their systems is extremely high.”

“The transition was incredibly simple. We’re very happy,” Peter McCloughlin, Biztec Consulting’s Owner, adds. “The stability we’ve gained on AVOXI’s new platform has made a world of difference for our clients.”

The AVOXI Core platform gives customers utilising their own PABX system the ability to expand its functionality. After simply porting over their client’s numbers, their phone system will run through the AVOXI Core platform. This platform will now play a role in the features and capabilities surrounding their inbound and outbound calls.

Biztec Consulting is a telecommunications consulting company located in East London. Biztec Consulting offers a variety of business communication solutions, such as voice, data and Internet services, to a variety of market sectors. The company’s specialties include telecom auditing, PABX systems, smartphones and VOIP solutions.

AVOXI is a cloud communications provider focused on meeting the international calling needs of call centres, hotels, tour operators and global enterprises around the globe. With network operation centres and offices in the US, the UK, South Africa, Costa Rica and Jamaica, AVOXI provides telecommunications and enhanced VOIP software solutions including international toll free number service, Cloud PBXs and cloud based contact center solutions with advanced features such as IVR, call recording, call forwarding and enhanced routing.