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X-Lite Softphone

Why Is My X-Lite Softphone Not Working?

Although the X-Lite softphone is a popular option for many businesses, we do not typically recommend it for commercial use. Many AVOXI customers who use this product have problems with voice quality, connectivity, and general functionality.

That being said, we strongly recommend that you use the Bria soft phone from Counterpath, as they do develop high quality VoIP software. You can buy a soft phone from Counterpath, but you might want to rent or purchase the soft phone from AVOXI. Our highly trained support team can help you configure and install it quickly and easily.

Should you still wish to use an X-Lite, please note that we do not offer live support for X-lite beyond helping you register the softphone to your extension. Counterpath does not offer direct email support for the X-Lite Soft Phone, either.

If you have problems with the X-Lite soft phone, you can view Counterpath support forums or Counterpath’s FAQ articles.

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