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Virtual Phone Numbers

UIFN Numbers

Get one phone number to connect with customers in multiple countries.

Universal International Freephone Numbers

UIFN – Universal International Freephone Numbers are similar to ITFS numbers except with UIFN numbers, one number can be used from multiple countries. There are slight variations in the dialing prefixes based on the countries from where your customers or prospects call. UIFN numbers are available in 40 countries around the world. As with any toll free number that you get from AVOXI, universal international freephone numbers come with full hosted PBX functionality. Our call routing options and related services include Time of Day Routing, Call Redirect, Failover and Redundancy.

Requirements for Obtaining a UIFN Number

UIFN Numbers

UIFN numbers can be more difficult to obtain than a standard international toll free phone number. To purchase a UIFN number, you must meet the following requirements:

  • UIFN number has to be registered in a minimum of 2 countries.
  • UIFN number has to be in service for 2 or more countries within 180 days from the day it was reserved.

UIFN numbers also require a one-time registration fee. Contact an AVOXI VoIP specialist to learn more.

UIFN Dialing Prefixes

There may be a slight difference in the dialing prefixes for universal international freephone numbers in different countries. Customers can dial the international access prefix followed by 800 and then eight unique digits. The resulting UIFN will be an eleven digits fixed format number.

Get Your UIFN Number

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