VoIP Auto Attendant (Automated Attendant Software)

VoIP Auto Attendant

Auto attendant software greets and forwards callers based on which menu option they select. VoIP auto attendant and many more phone system features are included with any phone number from AVOXI. Save time, reduce costs, and look more professional when you set up your virtual phone attendant today.

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Try Virtual Auto Attendant Risk-Free

Auto attendant, or virtual phone attendant, greets callers with an automated receptionist and lets them choose which department or extension to be forwarded to. AVOXI’s auto attendant system allows you to create unlimited call attendant menus and includes many cloud PBX features at no extra cost. Our cloud-based auto attendant allows you to manage automated forwarding rules, call attendant greetings, voicemail features, call recordings and more from an intuitive online interface. Purchase or port a phone number with AVOXI to try auto attendant software risk-free!


Save Time with Virtual Attendant Software

Give your callers a better experience by reducing call transfers, prioritizing self-service, and prioritizing VIP callers with a well-organized automated receptionist.


Personalize Your Automated Receptionist

Create unlimited automated receptionist menus and custom greetings within your virtual attendant system to deliver a more personalized caller experience. 


Globally Affordable Auto Attendant System

Available in 170+ countries, virtual attendant is included with any VoIP number or cloud phone system plan from AVOXI at no extra cost.

Get the Most Out of Your Auto Attendant System

Our online auto attendant system is simple to set up and it comes with any phone number plan at no extra cost.

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Unlimited Menus

Set up unlimited call attendant menus and route to users, numbers, call groups, call queues, or other phone attendants.

Global Phone Attendant

Use your cloud-based auto attendant system to route your inbound phone calls to anywhere in the world.

Personalized Greetings

Set up business auto attendant menus with custom greetings that suits your needs and directs callers based on their choices.

Phone System Features

Take advantage of 20+ phone system features included at no extra cost when you use AVOXI’s cloud auto attendant.

Integrated with the Technologies
Your Business Relies On

Streamline your workflow and stay connected with AVOXI's integrations.


Integrated with the Technologies
Your Business Relies On

Streamline your workflow and stay connected with AVOXI's integrations.

Common Questions About VoIP Auto Attendant

What is VoIP auto attendant?

VoIP auto attendant is a business feature included with every phone number from AVOXI. Also known as virtual attendant or automated receptionist, it allows you to play a custom greeting for your callers, and present them with a menu of options for them to choose. Your virtual phone attendant will forward callers to a user, call queue, voicemail, or additional menu options depending on their choice.

How much does auto attendant software cost?

Virtual auto attendant features are included at no extra cost when you purchase or port a phone number with AVOXI! Phone number pricing depends on the type of number you choose and how many calls you expect.

Does AVOXI's auto attendant feature include hold music?

VoIP auto attendant from AVOXI allows you to upload custom hold music or use a default hold music within the system.

How long does it take to activate my auto attendant phone system?

When you buy a virtual phone number in the online shopping cart, you will receive an email with your login credentials for your online auto attendant interface. From there, you can immediately customize your auto attendant system options.

What else can AVOXI do for my business?

In addition to providing the best auto attendant software for business, popular services from AVOXI include VoIP phone numbers from 170+ countries and cloud contact center software.

Set Up International Auto Attendant Service in 170+ Countries

Set up an international auto attendant system when you purchase a phone number from any of 170+ countries worldwide.
Don't see the region you need? Contact us today! We can reserve the number you're looking for. Not all available countries are displayed below.

Have Questions About Auto Attendant Software?

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