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3 Call Center Features You Need to Manage an Inbound Sales Team

3 Call Center Features You Need to Manage an Inbound Sales Team Banner

Inbound marketing isn’t a fleeting trend. And as a result, the days of cold calling and outbound sales campaigns are quickly disappearing. But in order to make an inbound demand generation program work, you need a strong inbound sales team.

One of the biggest benefits of leads driven by inbound marketing is that they are already interested in your product or service. But, that doesn’t mean that the inbound sales process is an easy one.

With the right call center features, you can increase your inbound sales team’s performance, productivity, and ability to drive revenue. Here are the top 3 call center features you need to make an inbound sales and marketing strategy successful.

Live Call Monitoring

Live call monitoring is one of the most important features for running an inbound sales team. With the call monitoring feature, sales managers can listen to sales calls in real time. That means managers know exactly what their agents are saying as they are saying it, and they can provide feedback and advice in a timely fashion.

Some (but not all) call center software packages also include the call whisper feature along with live call monitoring. With call whisper, sales managers can provide feedback to their inbound sales agents during the call – and the prospect won’t hear the “whispered” speech from the manager.

Call Recording

Although call recordings do not allow sales managers to provide feedback in real time, they are still valuable for inbound sales teams. Here are just a few ways that they can be used to improve sales performance:

Call Recording as a Training Tool

Call recordings serve as important training tools – whether they result in a closed deal or not. Sales managers can review past calls and look for examples of good and bad sales practices. These sample calls should be shared with the inbound sales team to provide real life examples of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to closing a deal.

Call Recording Supports Successful Sales Scripts

Whether or not you believe in the efficacy of sales scripts, call recordings can provide valuable information about certain phrases and pitches that work for your inbound sales team. As sales managers listen to call recordings, they should take note of particular patterns and pitches that help close deals. These phrases can be incorporated in traditional sales scripts. Or, you can simply provide your inbound sales team with a selection of pitches and phrases to use with common objections that you hear from prospects.

Agent-specific Historical Reporting

Live call monitoring and call recording provide valuable qualitative insights about your inbound sales agents’ performance. But, hard, quantitative data is essential to inbound sales team success as well.

Agent-specific reports that focus on average call handling time, call disposition, and average talk time can help sales managers identify patterns that correlate with successful inbound sales calls. These reports can also help managers identify key indicators that point to lost deals, and work with individual agents to improve performance.

Call Center Software Supports Successful Sales Teams

Whether you’re running an inbound or outbound call center, virtual call center software is an important piece of a successful sales team. For more information about Smart Queue, AVOXI’s virtual call center software, schedule a demo today.

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