Call Journey Tracking

Inbound Call Journey Tracking

AVOXI's Call Journey feature allows users to track inbound call flows to better understand customer pain points, improve first-touch resolution, and improve agent efficiency.


Gain Instant Visibility into Agent Performance

AVOXI’s Call Journey gives administrators and users with Enterprise and Contact Licenses the ability to track each call's journey from when it enters the contact center until the call is terminated at no additional cost. With instant visibility to critical information about the call and related queue, Contact Center managers get an instant overview of the customer's journey to identify call routing issues and poor agent performance quickly. 

Users can view call flows by date, time, and/or agent using the Analytics Dashboard. In addition, they can dig down into the call flow to identify gaps within the contact center call queue and better understand agent performance and peak call times.


Customer Experience

Call flow to help you increase efficiency and achieve more effective resolutions to all of your calls even when they do not unfold exactly to plan.

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Agent Efficiency

Call flows help ensure that calls are routed to the right person. This can cut a tedious ten or 15-minute call down to a painless two-minute interaction which builds a positive reputation over time, aiding in customer retention.


Agent Management

By looking at how customers work through your call flows, you can immediately improve scheduling efficiency to address missed calls and optimize revenue.

Call Journey Event Details

Call Start & End Time

Know exactly when a call started and ended, including which team member answered.

IVR Events

IVR start time, key presses (valid and invalid), and call destination.

Team Events

Start time, team called, agents rang, and who answered.

Blind Transfers

Transfer time, who initiated the transfer, and what agent/extension/team the call was transferred to.

Multiple Dispositions

See all dispositions made on each call.

Markers on Call Recordings

Markers on call recordings identifying call events in the call playback.

Common Questions About Call Journey Tracking