How Much Does a Softphone Cost?

As the popularity of VoIP increases, so does the demand for Softphones. For our customers making the switch to VoIP, cost is often on their mind. We understand that, so how much does a softphone cost?

With new technology, there’s often an assumption that costs will rise significantly. We’re here to set the record straight and dive into the Softphone options available on the market today.

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What is a Softphone?

A Softphone is software that runs on your computer. It allows you to send and receive phones calls using a VoIP calling service. The appeal behind Softphones is its accessibility. You can access and use your Softphone anywhere your computer can connect to the Internet. Because of this, Softphones are popular for telecommuters and remote employees. They don’t require a hard, desk phone so they’re extremely useful for work on the go.

How Much Does a Softphone Cost?

There are both free and paid Softphones available for download.

With a free Softphone, you’ll lack the capability and features that paid software offers. However, if you’re trying VoIP out for the first time, a free Softphone will give you an idea of what to expect.

By using a paid Softphone, you’ll really get to experience all the features that VoIP has to offer. These Softphones can do everything from video calls and instant messaging to auto-answer and contact management. Paid Softphones cost around $50 on average. But of course there are options on the higher and lower end of the price spectrum.

Some VoIP providers offer free Softphones when you sign up for certain products and services. For example, if you sign up for VoIP call center software, you may receive a free softphone for each of your agents.

Regardless of which Softphone you choose, you’ll experience great service with a VoIP phone plan. To make the best choice, keep in mind the calling features that are important to you, the number of Softphones you'll need and what you’ll be using the Softphone for, whether personal or for business.