How Much Do 833 Toll Free Numbers Cost?

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With the announcement from the FCC about the 833 prefix addition to U.S. toll free numbers, AVOXI received numerous inquiries from customers. We have been providing toll free numbers in the United States and worldwide for over 15 years. If there is something we love to talk about, it is toll free numbers! This article answers several of the questions we received and explains a bit more about the 833 toll free number availability.

If you are in the market for a new USA toll free number for your company, you’ve likely heard about these new 833 numbers. With the release date for these numbers extended until June 3, 2017, more companies expressed interest in not only more information about their release, capabilities and functionality, but also about the costs associated with this type of phone number. We’ll discuss all of this but specifically answer the question “how much do 833 toll free numbers cost?” Our wish is to provide you the information you need to begin the purchasing process for these highly sought after numbers.

What Is an 833 Toll Free Number?

833 Toll Free Numbers are new versions of United States Toll Free Numbers, like the 800 phone numbers you probably recognize. What is different is the prefix. The prefix is the first 3 digits of the number, 833 in this case, or 800 in the original US Toll Free number prefix. These phone numbers are not only a cost-effective marketing and communication tool, they’re free for callers to dial.

  • Companies use toll free numbers to allow their customers to reach them easily without incurring any additional phone charges on their mobile or landline bills.
  • This new 833 phone number is being released as the availability of current toll free numbers such as 877, 888, 866 is nearly depleted.
  • AVOXI works closely to stay updated with releases and mandates from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in the United States as new exchanges open.

We can assist you with this process and ensure you have the best option for successfully obtaining the 833 number of your choice.

What Is an 833 Vanity Number?

A vanity number is a Toll Free number customized with a word or specific numbers you request to better communicate your business and increase the memorability and recall of your number like 1-800-FLOWERS. Vanity numbers are often the top request when a new exchange opens, as companies race to snap up numbers with their company name, logo, or value proposition embedded.

These new 833 Toll Free Numbers are also available as a vanity number. AVOXI can assist you in walking through the vanity number selection and reservation process.

How Much Do 833 Toll Free Numbers Cost?

There are a variety of toll free number providers so the cost for 833 numbers varies quite a bit depending on the one you choose. Below we discuss the pricing differences between four different providers so you’re aware of the options available.

  • Toll Free Numbers for instance, offers their Toll Free numbers for a flat one-time fee. This cost, however, varies depending on the type of Toll Free number you’re request. 800 numbers, for example, are $99 other available numbers may be $49. While they haven’t specifically mentioned the cost of 833 numbers, it’s a safe assumption that they’ll be available for a flat one time cost as well. But since acquisition of an 833 number requires a little more leg-work, it could cost more money.
  • Grasshopper is another provider you can turn to for an 833 Toll Free number. Grasshopper provides toll free numbers paired with their phone service. Those costs start at as little as $12 a month. They’re even waiving the activation fee for 833 numbers that you order through them. This option is part of the pay as you grow plan with per minute rates for every minute used at 6 cents per minute. Be sure to understand both monthly recurring charges for the number and usage-based charges for each minute used with the service when evaluating the total price between vendors.
  • NumberBarn offers toll free number service and can pre-order 833 numbers for you. Each 833 Toll Free Number purchased through them is at a flat $99 cost. You also have the option to use this number with their phone service.
  • Custom Toll Free is working to acquire 833 numbers as well. As far as the cost with this provider, the first step is playing a $29 pre-order fee. If they successfully reserve your phone number of choice, a $495 reservation fee will be charged to your account.

At AVOXI, we charge a flat monthly fee of $14.99 for 833 numbers and all toll free numbers and offer competitive per minute rates of 2 cents or less depending on minute volume. We also offer packaged minutes for customer who require high stability in their monthly billing amount. Our packages start at $19.99 per month.

With 833 Toll Free Numbers on the verge of release, it’s essential that your company understands everything about them before purchasing one. Functionality and capabilities are important but so are the costs associated with purchasing and using this type of phone number. An 833 number will offer benefits for not only your callers, but for you as well. The numbers are free for your customers to call, and they offer a cost-effective tool for your company.

Can My Customers Call an 833 Number from an International Location?

The new 833 exchange will serve customers within the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. All of these locations use the North American Numbering Plan that leverages the toll free inbound nature of the 833 numbers. International Toll Free Numbers (ITFS) allow toll free dialing from other countries to your business location.

How To Get an 833 Toll Free Number

The release date of 833 toll free numbers is June 3, 2017, an extended date from the previously announced release date. Key points to note about the release:

  • There is an updated allocation process for 833 numbers.
  • Toll free number providers are currently taking requests for these phone numbers, as each provider is only receiving a total of 2,000 of them up front for both large and small carriers. (AT&T and AVOXI get the same allocation on June 3)
  • To get an 833 number, you simply need to put a request in with your provider.
  • May 19, 2017 is the deadline for providers to upload those requests.
  • Numbers are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis, it’s important that you put your request in as early as you can.
  • After the release date, you can still request an 833 toll free number, but availability for a specific number will be limited.

If you need to reserve an 833 number, contact an AVOXI specialist to get started. We would love to help you with your number today.