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Can You Get One Global Phone Number?

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AVOXI receives questions all the time about using one global phone number. Companies want to have the same number for all countries in which they conduct business. Is that possible? And how?

Global phone numbers are Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFNs). How they work is a little different that international toll free numbers. AVOXI posted several articles about global toll free numbers or UIFNs. We still receive several questions. Here’s a quick topic review to help you decide whether a global number is the right choice for your business.

Defining Global Toll Free Numbers and UIFNs

Global Toll Free Numbers: What You Need to Know

This article briefly discusses what a UIFN is and how it works. It’s a good reference for gaining a general understanding about global toll free numbers and touches on alternatives.

UIFN – Your Global Toll Free Number

Global numbers are especially useful in select scenarios. This post talks about setting up your marketing initiatives with these freephone numbers. It also covers rules and restrictions with UIFNs.

How Do UIFN Numbers Work?

Dialing formats, accessibility, number registration, and more is discussed in this post about how UIFNs work. Use it as a quick reference for what UIFNs can and cannot do.

What Are the Alternatives to UIFNs?


Check out the differences between global freephone numbers and international toll free numbers (ITFS). There is no definitive answer; it depends on your specific business needs.

Comparing 3 Types of International Toll Free Numbers

Here’s a comparison of ITFS, UIFN, and domestic toll free numbers. It includes a synopsis about who uses each type along with examples by industry.

How Do Costs Compare?

How Much Does a UIFN Cost?

Cost is always a consideration when planning to use a global toll free number. AVOXI addresses typical costs associated with UIFNs and the benefits of using a global number.

The Good, the Bad, and the Real Deal about Global Toll Free Numbers

So, who provides global toll free numbers? How do you decide what type of international phone number works best for your business? AVOXI compiled a guide to help you determine what best works with your business requirements. Check out, “Your Complete Guide to International Toll Free Numbers.” Use the numbers guide checklist to walk you through the choices.

The Good

  • Available from multiple countries
  • May be available in a vanity number format (e.g. using a memorable name or number sequence like +800 KEYCHAIN)
  • Business class features generally available like call forwarding
  • Useful for marketing initiatives by having call lines available globally

The Bad

  • Availability limited to 40-50 countries worldwide
  • Typically, more expensive than standard toll free numbers
  • One-time registration fee can be very expensive
  • Wait time to acquire the number(s) can be months

The Real Deal

  • Requires registration in at least two countries
  • Monthly rental costs for each country used (usually minimal)
  • Dialing format varies by country dialing code
  • Accessibility varies by country

What’s Next?

Talk to a specialist familiar with the coverage, restrictions, regulations, and other requirements for using UIFNs. The discussion helps clarify your expectations of using a global number. Of course, it’s important that your selected provider is knowledgeable and offers global toll free numbers as an option. Compare offerings. Compare prices. Compare customer support and availability.

Of course, AVOXI’s team will be happy to speak with you about your global phone number selection. With our 16+ years of experience, AVOXI is well-versed in walking you through the in-and-outs of global toll free numbers. Contact us about your specific needs.