Problems with Voicemail

Voicemail is an essential calling feature for massive global businesses and individuals alike. Because it is such an important part of day-to-day business operations, problems with voicemail need to be addressed as quickly as possible.

Common Problems with Voicemail

In this article, we’ll discuss potential problems that you might encounter with voicemail and how you can address these concerns.

Voicemail quality is low

When a customer leaves you a voicemail, they are usually doing one of two things: sharing important information, or asking a question about your business or product. If the voicemail quality is low, you or your staff won’t have the information you need to address the issue, which can cause serious problems down the line.

In most cases of poor voicemail quality, the caller’s carrier was experiencing issues.  At this point, the best course of action is to reach out to the caller and find out what they need.  Since these types of voicemail problems only occur sporadically, the likelihood that it will happen if the customer calls again is low.

Can’t access voicemails

If you aren’t able to access your voicemails, that’s a big problem.  You don’t want to miss any customer information that could be possibly left on your system.  Because of this, it’s important that you address this problem quickly.

If you’re trying to access your voicemail for the first time, it’s possible that this feature isn’t set up yet.  Check settings on your end or reach out to your provider if you suspect that this is the case.

If you’ve accessed your voicemail previously, it’s possible you’re experiencing other issues. You may not have a strong enough signal to be able to access the system, or you may be experiencing a temporary interruption in your service. If this issue persists, reach out to your provider.

Incoming calls are going straight to voicemail

One other problem that you may experience is that all your incoming calls are immediately being sent to voicemail.  This is an issue because you’ll be missing customer calls as they come in.

The main reason this is probably happening is because of service issues.  You maybe outside of your coverage area, meaning that incoming calls won’t ring your phone.  It’s important to make sure you’re inside your coverage range so that you’re not sending important callers straight to voicemail.

Although problems with voicemail can be frustrating, they can usually be addressed and resolved quickly. If you run into any of these problems, run through our set of solutions first. If all else fails, reach out to your provider for additional input.