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Virtual Call Center

Build a better call center with virtual communications solutions.


Why Consider a Virtual Call Center?

Does your business run a contact center for customer service, reservations, or technical support? Or do you operate a call center focused on outbound calls to increase sales and drive revenue? No matter which variation of a call center you're running, the ability to support, track, and manage call queues and agents is a key requirement of a contact center solution. A virtual call center lets you seamlessly maintain up-to-date technology and focus on your activities that affect your business’s bottom line.

Hosted Call Center Solution

It's simple.

Set up is easy. Headsets, computers, and reliable Internet are all the components you need to use AVOXI’s virtual call center solution, Smart Queue®. Whether you operate a small contact center or a large call center, provisioning your call center operations is simple with a hosted model. Better still, AVOXI handles all maintenance and upgrades in the cloud. You gain the advantage of staying current on needed call center features and functions.

It's effective.

Flexibility is one of the great benefits of a cloud-based call center solution. Multiple locations? Check. Remote agents? No problem. It’s easy to add or remove agents, locations, and numbers as you adjust for seasonal ebb and flow. AVOXI’s solution, Smart Queue®, let’s you expand and change as your business requires. This scalability and mobility ensures that you respond to business changes effectively and seamlessly.

It's affordable.

A virtual call center solution is a fraction of the cost of proprietary platforms. AVOXI’s solution, Smart Queue® is built on open source technology and offers all the call center features and functions found in a propriety solution. Plus, you save money since you no longer need to pay for upgrades and maintenance of a proprietary system.

AVOXI offers special bundles as well—minute plans built into the solution—that let you budget monthly with no surprises. Regardless of the size of your contact center, AVOXI’s Smart Queue® platform has the right call center package to suit your business needs.

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