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September 12, 2018

AVOXI Releases Dynamic International SIP Trunking Service

International SIP Trunking ServiceNew functionality allows customer self-management to provision, install, and configure SIP trunks

ATLANTA, GA – AVOXI, a leading provider of Communications as a Service (CaaS) worldwide, just released its customer controlled  solution for international SIP Trunking. The solution supports outbound call traffic as well as providing over the top cloud connectivity for hosted and on-premise PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems and contact center platforms. Using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to connect from a PBX or contact center platform for voice communications benefits customers by easily integrating their existing phone system to the cloud while reducing telecommunications cost.

AVOXI’s updated offering provides a range of channels on each trunk—from 24 to 480 at competitive monthly rates—which means customers can support up to 480 concurrent calls for each SIP trunk. AVOXI’s global infrastructure enables calling coverage to over 150,000 destinations worldwide. Customers can select the number of channels needed for each trunk.

The recent update allows customers to purchase SIP trunks directly through the online customer portal, AVOXI CORE. Customers can instantly scale capacity up or down for each SIP trunk with a few clicks from their browser. Additionally, customers can determine the provisioning location of either Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) or the United States to ensure the best connection based on their geography. The SIP service also allows customers to control their outbound caller ID—choosing to display for their AVOXI-owned numbers.

“The improvements AVOXI made to our SIP trunk offering greatly increases our customers’ ability to control what they need when they need it,” stated David Wise, founder and CEO of AVOXI. “Our SIP trunk service provides an affordable and reliable service to route traffic from contact centers to clients across the world.”

The SIP trunking solution from AVOXI provides an easy add-on service for inbound contact centers. Competitively priced to handle customer response outreach, the SIP trunks support a blend of non-dialer outbound and inbound traffic often found in the travel and hospitality industries, tourism industry, and online retail. Easily added to a customer’s current infrastructure, no capital investment or expensive hardware is required. AVOXI’s customers typically realize a 50 percent cost savings or more when converting from current solutions to AVOXI SIP service.

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