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Working at AVOXI: What Does Initiative Look Like? 

Taking initiative is challenging yourself and your teammates to come up with the best solution.

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What is AVOXI Genius?

AVOXI Genius is our next generation cloud based call center platform that offers customers complete control and flexibility.

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Working at AVOXI: What Leadership Means At AVOXI

Leadership at AVOXI is more than just a word it's the action of empowering each other.

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How to Buy a Number

Find out how to easily add new numbers to your account through our online portal.
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Changing Your Virtual Attendant

Update your virtual attendant so your customers can reach you all year long!

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Innovation Week 2018

AVOXI hosted its first ever Innovation Week in Charleston, South Carolina. 5 days, 100 ideas, 4 teams, 1 big idea.

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Rate per Minute

One question we often get from customers is:
"How do I calculate my rate per minute on international voice calls?"
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Virtual Number Features

Every AVOXI virtual number package comes with over 20 advanced features at no additional cost.

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How it Works

AVOXI's global virtual numbers make it easy for your customers to reach you from anywhere in the world.

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SIP Trunking

Reduce your company's telecom cost by adding cloud SIP Trunking to your existing inbound virtual numbers.
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Who is AVOXI?

For the past 18 years, AVOXI has been dedicated to connecting you with customers from anywhere in the world.
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Call Conferencing

Get audio call conferencing for up to 500 participants from 25+ countries!

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Coverage Area

AVOXI's global virtual numbers platform delivers services from 6 continents, 120+ countries, and 4,000+ cities.

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Package Elements

As your business continues to grow, our packages grow with you.
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The choice between a UIFN or ITFS number depends on your specific business needs.

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