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How to Get an 0800 Number in New Zealand

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New Zealand is a hotspot for companies expanding internationally, and it is easy to see why. The country boasts one of the most globalized, business-friendly economies in the world. In fact, The World Bank ranked New Zealand first in overall "ease of doing business" in 2018. New Zealand's diverse economy includes thriving machinery, mining, food processing, textile, finance, and tourism industries. Foreign companies have little trouble doing business in the country, with the New Zealand Dollar standing as the world's 10th most traded currency.

Establishing a professional presence in New Zealand requires companies to set up a business phone number. Like most countries, a toll free number is the most popular type of business number in New Zealand, regardless of the city in which you wish to expand. Recognized by their 0800 dial code, New Zealand toll free numbers are commonly known as NZ 0800 numbers. As a top provider of 0800 numbers in New Zealand and around the world, AVOXI offers our insight on how to get an 0800 number in New Zealand for the best price possible.

NZ 0800 Numbers for Business

NZ 0800 numbers are virtual phone numbers for business. A toll free number in New Zealand allows potential customers to reach your business free of charge. In addition, attaining NZ 0800 numbers from a VoIP provider means that you unlock a wide range of business phone features like worldwide call forwarding, call groups, IVR, and more. New Zealand toll free numbers are valuable marketing tools that are affordable for companies of any size.

Why Companies Worldwide Get 0800 Numbers in New Zealand

A NZ 0800 number helps businesses project a professional image for callers in New Zealand. They create a single point of contact and make smaller companies appear well established. Thanks to advances in VoIP services, virtual phone numbers allow a company to set up virtual offices around the world without the need for a physical location. In addition, you can keep your NZ 0800 number forever, even if you switch providers.

Features to Expect When You Get a NZ 0800 Number

When you set up an 0800 number in New Zealand, your service generally includes basic Cloud PBX features. Standard features differ between providers, but basic functionality typically includes:

  • IVR (Virtual Attendant)
  • Global Call Forwarding
  • Voicemail-to-Email
  • Fax-to-Email
  • Call Reporting
  • Time of Day Routing
  • Call Grouping / Barring
  • Custom Caller ID

Many providers offer more advanced Cloud PBX features at additional costs. For example, AVOXI includes 20+ Cloud PBX features with any New Zealand toll free number plan.

How Much Does a New Zealand Toll Free Number Cost?

One benefit of using virtual phone numbers for business is how simple and affordable they are. Setting up an 0800 number in New Zealand requires no additional hardware and takes as little as 24 - 48 hours.

The primary costs associated with your NZ 0800 number include:

  • Monthly subscription fees: What you pay each month for your hosted number.
  • Inbound call rates: This is the price-per-minute of calls coming from New Zealand. Some providers charge a standard blended rate, while others charge a higher rate-per-minute from calls coming from mobile devices.
  • Call forwarding rates: Also called the termination rate, this is the price-per-minute of calls forwarded to your business phone. Calls forwarded to a cell phone are usually more expensive than those forwarding to a landline. Most providers do not charge for calls forwarded to a VoIP phone.
  • Call volume: How many minutes of talk time do you expect each month? If your company receives high volumes of calls over your NZ 0800 number, lower rate-per-minute generally apply.
  • Additional service costs: The price of additional Cloud PBX features you want to include with your service and other add-on expenses like higher levels of support, set-up costs, cancellation fees, etc.

Choosing the Right Provider for You

When choosing a Cloud PBX provider, here are some questions to consider before making a final decision:

  • Does the provider offer discounted rates as your call volume increase?
  • Does the standard service include the Cloud PBX features you need?
  • What are the setup fees, if any?
  • Is customer support available 24/7?
  • Can you test your 0800 number for call quality before signing a long-term contract?
  • Does the provider offer an uptime guarantee?
  • Can you port your NZ 0800 number to a new service provider if you are unhappy with your service?

Asking these questions and evaluating the answers in accordance to your particular business requirements will help you find a well-priced New Zealand toll free number plan that best meets your needs.

How to Get NZ 0800 Numbers from AVOXI

AVOXI has been a top provider of toll free numbers and Cloud PBX services for nearly 20 years. With direct interconnects and partnerships with Tier 1 carriers around the world, we offer business numbers in 120+ countries worldwide for highly competitive rates. We also maintain locations around the world, so experienced technical support is available anytime you need it. You can set up service today by purchasing 0800 numbers online or contacting us directly from any of our international numbers. If you are interested in custom pricing or discounted rates for high call volumes, please fill out the short custom quote form and an AVOXI representative will get back to you shortly!


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