New Toll Free Numbers Offered: Cambodia and Nigeria

We have customers all over the world. That means their customers are located across the globe, too. Toll Free numbers are an important part of global communication but it can sometimes be hard to secure virtual numbers for specific countries. As part of our pursuit to provide our customers with all their communication needs, we work hard everyday to make it happen. Our customers recently requested some hard-to-get Toll Free numbers s0 we’re excited to announce that we can now offer Cambodia Toll Free numbers and Nigeria Toll Free numbers.

Cambodia Toll Free Numbers

Cambodia Toll Free numbers allow your customers in this country to call you free of charge. These Toll Free numbers allow you to have up to 5 concurrent calls on the line but you can receive additional channels for an increase premium. One great thing about this number is that customers can even call you from their cell phones. Whether you’re looking to break into the market in Cambodia or you already have customers located there, a Cambodia Toll Free number shows them that you’re a company committed to their specific country.

Nigeria Toll Free Numbers

Nigeria Toll Free numbers allow your customers in this country to call you free of charge. This number comes standard with 15 concurrent calls but can be increased if it’s requested. For businesses or individuals doing business in Nigeria, a Toll Free number in that country can give your company a lot more credibility with the community there.

Because both of these numbers are new, the functionality and capability of each of them may evolve in the future. If you’re interested in either of these Toll Free numbers, please contact our team for more information.