Troubleshooting Problems Setting Up Your International Toll Free Number

International toll free numbers are an essential resource for growing businesses that are looking to connect with customers around the world.  Not only do they provide a world of convenience for your customers, but these numbers are also a cost-effective sales and marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

International toll free numbers are relatively easy to set up, but businesses can sometimes experience issues when using them for the first time.  To help make this process easier, we’ll discuss some of the most common problems setting up your international toll free number and ways that you can address these issues.

You don’t have a local business address

Although it’s definitely the exception and not the rule, some countries require that you have a local business address before purchasing an international toll free number for that country.  In some cases, you may even be required to provide a Letter of Intent that describes your business and how you plan to use the number.  This can be frustrating for many businesses who need to purchase a toll free number to reach markets where a local office doesn’t exist.

However, there are alternatives.  Depending on the country for which you plan to buy an international toll free number, you may be able to get a local number without local business address.  Your toll free number provider can provide additional options if your business is facing this particular hurdle.

Waiting on the number from your provider

One of the initial problems you may experience with your international toll free number is that you don’t have it from your provider yet.  Depending on the country for which you’ve requested a number, it can take some time to set up and receive your phone number.  One potential reason for this delay is that some in-country carriers reserve the right to assign numbers on a case by case basis, which means that most commercial providers cannot keep the numbers in inventory.

Make sure you discuss this timeline with your provider so you’re not caught in a bind when your number isn’t available.

Calls are forwarding to the wrong number

One of the first things you’ll set up when you get your international toll free number is the phone that your incoming calls will forward to.  You can usually set this forwarding rule up in your user panel or dashboard.

If you find that your calls are forwarding to the wrong number, explore these settings again or talk to your provider to make sure it’s set up correctly on their end.

Customers can’t correctly dial your number

Each international toll free number is specific to its country of origin.  Because of this, they are formatted differently.  Although this is usually not an issue, it can sometimes cause confusion for customers who may need to call your number.

Make sure that you educate your customers on how to dial the number, or make sure that the phone number is similarly formatted to other numbers in your location.

Problems setting up your international toll free number are easily alleviated by working with your provider and following the setup instructions. If you experience any of the problems above, follow these suggestions to help ensure your international toll free number works for your business and your customers!